3 Cures for stinky feet


Stinky feet can be a major source of embarrassment to a person when he opens his shoes. Some people suffer from this problem more that others. The odor is caused by growth of bacteria due to sweating of the feet and is aggravated by the production of a sulfur compound when the socks and shoes are worn for a long time. This also happens when the same pair of socks and shoes is repeated a couple of times. Also people who wear thick socks and heavy boots for longer periods are more prone to smelly feet than the ones who wear light socks and footwear. Here are a few foot care tips that can help you avoid stinky feet.

1. Maintain perfect hygiene

According to the foot clinic in Brampton Physiocare & Wellness, the best method to prevent the stinking of feet is to maintain perfect hygiene. Keeping the feet clean and dry will go a long way in keeping them stink-free for longer periods of time. The correct type of footwear and socks are also responsible for the same. So using a good variety of socks is also helpful in preventing the bad odor. One should try to avoid wearing the same socks and shoes for a very long period of time. Also the same should not be used over and over again as it again cause the feet to stink even more. Alternate pairs of shoes and socks should be used. If the shoes or socks get wet due to water or rains, one should try to remove them as early as possible as moist area is conducive for the growth of bacteria.

2. Use cotton socks

Using socks of fabric that is absorbent and dry is helpful. Cotton is the best material for socks as lets your skin breathe easy and also absorbs sweat which keeps the feet dry and avoids smell for a very long time. Choice of shoes which absorb sweat can help reduce moisture and, thus, prevent the smell due to growth of bacteria. Using alternate pair of shoes can also help in getting rid of smell. Putting a small amount of baking soda inside the shoe helps in keeping the odor at bay for longer periods. When shoes are kept away, putting cedar sachets and balls in them also keeps the odor away. A bowl of vinegar with warm water is also helpful. Feet can be dipped in this solution for some time and then washed with plain water. This helps you in getting rid of the smell of the feet in a simple way. Another method is to take some teabags and boil them in water. Put your feet in this water to avoid smell from your feet.

3. Dr Scholls

Dr Scholls is a premier company producing foot care products to prevent foot odor. Their products include moisture absorbing soles for shoes and deodorant sprays for removing the smells and odor. Dr Scholls foot powder can be sprinkled in the shoes to prevent moisture by absorbing the same throughout the day. Use of antibacterial soaps prevents the grown of bacteria for a longer period of time which are the main culprits that produce odor in the feet. Use of antibacterial tubes can help in controlling the bad odor. Some deodorant sprays are also available for feet which can cut the odor.

Lastly, while at home, shoes and socks should be removed and feet should be kept clean and dry.

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