3 Makeup tips for a red dress

Makeup tips

Carrying off a red dress can be every girl’s desire, but it can be a difficult task, because it also needs a perfect makeup to go with the dress. If you go wrong with the make up for any other colored dress, you can correct the look with a couple of quick fixes. But with the red dress, you must know what makeup will suit you as there is no going back once you are done with your makeup. Let us find out what makeup will look the best on you with a red dress.

1. Face

The first step that you often do not follow is to conceal your flaws with the right concealer. Apply the foundation that is close to your skin tone. If you have that flawless skin then you can opt for a tinted moisturizer that will give you a dewy glow. Follow up with a light dusting of translucent face powder. But, be careful while choosing your foundation, the one which provides a full coverage can look too heavy and may make you look clownish.

When it comes to blushing your cheeks, make sure that you don’t use the blush shade that matches the color of your dress, unless you really think that you can carry it off well or you are used to it.

If you plan to use cream blush then apply it with your finger tips or a special blush applicator, as these blushes need to be blended well to give you a perfect look. The cream blushes, unlike the powder blushes, do not become darker once they are applied on the skin, so keep in mind what color will suit you the best.

2. Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup then a smoky look suits the best when carrying off a red dress. It takes a little longer to master the skill of doing smoky eyes, so it is advisable to practice it before the actual day of wearing it. Apply a little concealer above the lid of your eyes and blend it well. Line your eyes with charcoal pencil and smudge it with cotton ball or a small makeup brush. If you prefer a soft look then you can opt to use a charcoal colored eye shadow along with pencil. Apply eye shadow in a light and neutral color all over your eye lid blending it till brow bone.

Either you can opt to stop at this step, or you can choose to apply a slightly darker eye shadow from the lash line to the crease, and thus enhance the crease with a darker color. Remember to blend the colors perfectly as this is the most important point to get those smoky eyes. Your eyelashes should look thick and long, hence you can first curl them with the eye curler and then put on the mascara. If you have naturally long and thick lashes then you can restrict application of mascara to one layer only but if you have small and thin lashes, you can enhance them by applying the mascara for two or three times.

3. Lips

When it comes to wearing a lipstick with red dress, women often get confused. Whether to wear red lipstick with you red dress, completely depends on how well you can carry it. Wearing red can look stunning, but a wrong shade can make you look garish. If you have naturally red lips, red colored lipstick can do wonders. But if you have never been able to carry off dramatically, it is the best to opt for a sheer tone of lipstick that is closest to your lip color. Whatever color you opt for, make sure that you apply sheer lip color than a “full coverage” lipstick.

Follow these three steps, and you will look glamorous with the red, and no doubt, you will make the heads turn around, and hear them asking ‘who’s that diva in red’.

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