3 Combs to reduce hair fall

Combs to reduce Hair fall

Most people prefer going in for treatments to cure hair loss problems. The hair loss treatments are not only expensive but might have side effects too. There are other methods too. Hair loss combs can help in dealing with the problem of hair loss. It is an inexpensive way of dealing with the problem of hair loss. Here, we have listed 3 comb options, that can help you deal with hair loss problems.

1. Dermaray Laser Comb

This is basically a hand held laser therapy device that stimulates the regrowth of hair by targeting the hair follicles. Dermaray Laser combs combines science and phototherapy, which is a safer form of laser treatment. The laser comb is available at Dermaray’s official website.

2. Hair Max Laser Comb

This is another laser solution that offers ‘quick-fix’ for your hair woes. The small, handheld device emits low-level laser that is expected to be safe for personal use. This is not exactly a natural solution for your hair troubles, but it claims to stimulate hair follicles, increases the circulation of blood on the scalp which apparently lead to regrowth of hair. Approved by FDA, this laser comb costs approximately $ 600-700.

3. 680 Thick Hair Comb

The name of this comb evidently suggests that the comb is designed to stimulate hair growth. The comb claims to leave a thick head of hair. The soft, rounded bristles gently move on your scalp while the cushion like center is comfortable to use. This comb gently rubs the scalp and stimulates roots to produce hair. Developed by Toppik, a British company specializing in hair loss and thinning hair, this comb brushes your hair to make them look thicker and as time passes by the comb leads to regrowth of hair follicles, making your hair thicker, shinier and less brittle. This comb is the first of its kind and available on company’s website.

One should note that before opting for any of these combs, one should consult a dermatologist for their possible side effects. Also hair loss is not just a single problem; it indicates several issues pertaining to physical and mental health. So, if you are having hair loss troubles owing to age or use of styling products then avoid such products. Eat a healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables.

Reduce stress levels as stress leads to baldness. Focus on basic hair care and oil your hair regularly, wash them with mild shampoo, use conditioners (both cosmetic and homemade), opt for natural hair spa and don’t use your combs harshly. Get yourself treated if you suffer from scalp diseases. This will help you to deal with hair problems.

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