3 Brown hair care tips

Brown hair

Considered to be the most common hair color, the shades and tinges of brown indeed have their own charm. When you color your hair brown, you need to alter you hair care routine to suit your colored hair. But with the a huge variety of products available, it is hard to find a product which perfectly suits the needs of brown hair, except the randomly available products for chestnut or mouse hues. Enlisted here are a few tips to help you take good care of your brown colored hair.

1. Common but not boring

It is a hard fact that brown is common, yet, it is an equally accepted norm that it may not be boring! Bearing in mind the plethora of shades and hues which define the range of brown hair, you may pamper them to suit your specific needs. It will be difficult initially to find products which suit the texture and demands of your hair, however, it certainly will not be impossible to do so. Depending on whether your hair is oily, brittle, wispy, coarse or silky, choose a hair product which augments its appearance. For this purpose, consult your hair stylist who will be able to guide you on the correct lines.

2. Color them well

Most women tend to think that having naturally brown hair is nothing short of a disaster. Nevertheless, with the right kind of color streaks they may look as beautiful and appealing as any other shade! Brown color gels well with bright colors. This would not only supplement the looks of your hair but it would also fill you to the brim with self confidence. Yet, there is one precaution which must be taken in this regard. Brown hair gets dehydrated sooner than others. Thereby, keep them shampooed and condition them consistently in order to maintain their appeal.

3. Handling gray

Owing to the naturally revealing texture of brown hair, the first patches of gray begin to show much earlier than usual. Hence, it becomes vital to handle them with due care. Though bright hair colors, as suggested above may hide them for a while, they do not offer a permanent solution without playing with the possibility of making your hair dry and brittle. Thus, the best alternative lies in the application of Henna. Depending upon shade of Henna, which goes well with your style, you may choose amongst them many varieties available and settle upon the most feasible one. Generally, henna with coppery hues suits brown hair well. Moreover, its application will lend you an eternally glossy and silky look.

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