15 Factors to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Spring Outfits

Jewelry for Spring Outfits

Did you know the jewelry industry is currently worth $325.51 billion? It’s estimated that the industry will be worth $480.5 billion in 2025.

The jewelry industry saw a 38% increase in the sale of custom-made pieces in 2020. There was also a 23% increase in the sale of colored stones. While 1 in 5 jewelry stores saw an increased demand for diamonds.

35% of women who purchase their own jewelry choose white gold accessories. The highest demographic of jewelry buyers are women between the ages of 35-55 with stable careers.

If you’re looking to buy some new jewelry for spring outfits, this guide will give you some important tips. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Pay Attention to Your Neckline

medium length necklaceOne important factor you should consider when choosing jewelry for a spring outfit is the neckline. The neckline of your outfit will determine the type of necklace you wear.

As the weather warms up you might opt for a more open neckline. V-necks are a great choice to wear in the spring. With this neckline, you should consider wearing medium length necklaces.

When you choose to wear an embellished neckline, focus on jewelry that draws attention to your hands like bracelets and rings.

2. Size and Pattern Is Everything

An important tip to follow when pairing spring outfits with jewelry is to consider the size of the jewelry and the pattern of your outfit. When you opt for colorful prints and patterns in the spring, your jewelry should be simpler. Small earrings and necklaces will balance a bold outfit.

If you decide to wear a simple and casual outfit during a warm spring afternoon you can elevate your look with bigger pieces. Thick chains or big earrings can help your neutral outfit stand out.

3. The Occasion Matters

beautiful braceletNo matter the season or where you’ll be going during the day dressing for the occasion is important. The right outfit can reflect confidence and knowledge.

When choosing what necklaces and bracelets to wear with your outfit, making choices based on the occasion is also important. When accessorizing an outfit for work you should opt for classic earrings or a simple necklace instead of big bracelets.

For an evening out with friends, you can opt for bigger pieces of jewelry with a sleek and solid-colored dress. This is the occasion to wear your favorite set of gold bangles.

4. Choose Pieces for Your Skin Tone

Natural gemstones are great jewelry choices in the spring. You can match these jewelry pieces with neutral colored outfits.

You should also choose pieces to match your skin tone. Cooler skin tones go well with stones like opal, emeralds, and topaz.

For warm skin tones, natural hues of yellow and orange are great choices in jewelry. Some gemstones you can choose for your outfits are rubies, citrine, and morganite.

Silver pieces work well with all kinds of skin tones.

5. The Right Earrings for Your Face

Right Earrings for Your FaceWhile complimenting your spring outfit is important, you can also choose jewelry that will show off the features of your face. Statement earrings can show off your makeup or a feature like your eyes or lips.

The shape of your face should be a factor in what kind of earrings you choose. A heart-shaped face should be accentuated by drop earrings. Oval faces will look great with triangular-shaped earrings.

The flashier the earrings the more they’ll show off your beautiful face.

6. Choosing the Right Colors

When choosing your spring outfit jewelry it’s important to keep color in mind. While the right jewelry color will depend on the color of your outfit, you have many options to choose from nonetheless.

Gold and silver will typically match any outfit you choose. If you want to add some spunk to your outfit choose colors within the same family. Green accessories with a yellow dress work perfectly.

A popular trend for spring is wearing opposing colors as well. You can match a yellow outfit with some purple accessories.

Colorful or rainbow jewelry is also a popular choice for the spring season. You can choose to pair with bold colors or neutral colored outfits to balance out the look. Find beautiful rainbow jewelry at

7. You Can Never Go Wrong With Diamonds

perfect jewelry piece to wearDiamonds are a perfect jewelry piece to wear in the spring because they look great with any outfit! Diamonds are a great way to incorporate jewelry into your look if you aren’t an expert at accessorizing yet.

A beautiful pair of diamond studs or a simple diamond pendant necklace with a v-neck will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. White diamonds give off a gorgeous shine in the sunlight too, perfect for a sunny spring day.

8. Choose a Focal Point

Since spring brings warmer days, you might tend to dress a bit more casually outside of work. These simple outfits can be paired with jewelry that draws attention and focus.

You can construct a look with a central piece of jewelry in mind. Your outfit should focus on this piece of jewelry and complement it instead of the other way around.

A pendant necklace with a beautiful gemstone like a ruby or diamond is a great choice when you want this to draw attention away from your choice of clothes.

9. Play With Styles

style to change up your lookEveryone has their own personal style when it comes to fashion but it’s also fun to experiment and play with different styles to change up your look. You can try putting together outfits you wouldn’t usually wear and your selection of jewelry will increase.

When buying jewelry online try getting pieces you haven’t owned before to create a unique new look. Maybe you want to defy the styles for the spring season and go for a punk rock vibe for a night out. Oversized necklaces or bracelets are perfect for this look.

10. Pearls Are a Go to in Spring

Pearls are a perfect addition to the comfortable and casual outfits worn in the spring. Springtime means spending more time outdoors, maybe you’ll spend more weekends on the beach.

This classic jewelry can be paired with clothing made from cotton. It also works well with light blue, gray, and green fabrics.

You can wear pearls in several different ways. A classic pair of pearl studs, necklace, or bracelet can be worn with both casual and more formal outfits.

11. Go for Natural Looks

Gemstone Jewelry Spring is all about nature. Think about what it feels like to smell a fresh spring breeze.

When pairing outfits with your jewelry you should go for more natural shades and patterns. White cotton dresses are a go-to.

Gemstones that represent colors found in the natural world are great pieces to pair with your look. Blue Topaz or turquoise necklaces will stand out against a soft colored fabric.

The more your look can resemble nature, the more it’ll reflect what’s popular during the spring season.

12. Rock a Single Earring

Creating a budget for jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult anymore because wearing a statement single earring is all the rage for the spring season. The key is to wear a single earring that’s bold enough to stand out on its own.

You’ll want a bigger size earring than you normally wear. Make the look more fun by wearing unique shapes. A long earring that drops is perfect for the one earring look.

13. Floral Accessories

Flower-shaped earringsThe blooming flowers are always a major part of spring fashion. This is why you should consider pairing your outfits with floral accessories in the springtime.

Flower-shaped earrings are a cute way to add a unique element to your outfit. Petal shaped diamond rings are a great addition to your evening wear. This small piece of jewelry can elevate any look.

You can go for a bolder look with floral blooming necklaces. You should pair these with neutral colored outfits.

14. Try the Classic Hoop Look

Hoops are a classic piece of jewelry. They are perfect to wear no matter what season and have never gone out of style.

These hoops can be worn small or large. They work well in both silver or gold. The great thing is that they can be paired with any outfit you choose.

15. Geometric Shapes Work Well

Geometric Shape jewelry

There are many spring outfit accessories to choose from. Bold geometric shapes will add something extra to an ordinary outfit.

Try pairing cuff bracelets with intricate shapes or geometric dangle earrings with your evening outfits. These pieces will stand out against a solid black dress.

Tips for Jewelry for Spring Outfits You Need to Know

When choosing jewelry for spring outfits there are some tips you should follow. Matching the size of your jewelry with the pattern of your outfit is crucial. You should also match colors or pair opposing colors if you’re feeling bold.

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