Look younger with perfect hair and makeup

The time is changing fast, and so are the thumb rules to look younger! The anti-aging techniques have changed a lot with new discoveries and several myths broken. Although, there are some tips that will never fade away with time such as: application of sun screen regularly to avoid early signs of aging, there are now new methods to keep you younger and make you look as scrumptious as years ago. Hair and makeup have emerged as the new mantras to look younger and fresh. Let’s look into the various hair and makeup tricks that will knock-off years from your face and will seal your youth to last longer.

Look Younger With Perfect Hair And Makeup

Hair tricks to look younger:

Warm hair tone: Gray hair is the biggest enemy that knocks at your door as you tread the fine lines towards maturity. Most of the time, women go for pale highlights and blonder hair color tone to hide gray strands, however, it makes them look older. You must go for warm hair color tones as highlights, if you don’t intend to hide gray. If you are blonde, try a golden hair tone and if you are a brunette caramel tone will make you look younger. If you have to cover the gray hair, you must choose a hair color shade in warm tone and one or two shades lighter than your natural pre-gray shade of the hair.

Say no to mom-cut: As women start growing older, they keep shortening the length of their hair. The most popular `getting-older’ hair cut is overly layered ear length hair like that of Hilary Clinton. This mom-cut adds some additional years to your face. If you want easy-to-manage haircut, go for short crop like that of Halle Berry or you can choose chin length bob like Katie Holmes. Layered, long hair like Julianne Moore is also a good option, which is easy-to-manage and will also make you look graceful, young, vibrant and energetic. Getting older doesn’t mean an undefined and unflattering hair cut.

Face framing with your tresses: Back combing the hair in a ponytail can add years to your face. Let your hairstyle frame your face. If you have shorter hair, style it to frame your face, making it look younger. If you have long mane, fringes are the powerful anti-aging tool.

Skin and body tricks for a younger appearance:

Getting the glow back: Younger looking skin and exfoliation go hand in hand. Regular exfoliation will wash off the dead skin cells and will make you appear radiant and fresh, knocking off years from your face. Regular exfoliation also reduces the fine lines. It also helps the make-up to glide on and settle on your skin perfectly. Getting the glow back on your face is almost the battle won to look younger.

Take care of your hands: You may hide your age beneath the super fine make-up but if you don’t take care of your hands, they will reveal your age easily. The wrinkles on your hand can tell the truth to the world, therefore, keep them moisturized to avoid wrinkles. Take care of your nails and apply sunscreen on your hands before stepping out.

Take help of professionals: There is no harm in seeking the help of a dermatologist to reduce and prevent the fine lines. There are many less invasive and less expensive ways to keep looking younger that a dermatologist can help you with. Going to the dermatologist is not the same as going to the cosmetic surgeon.

Make-up tricks:

Keep it light: Getting older doesn’t mean donning layers of make-up every time you step out. Heavy makeup will make you look older. Keep it light and simple to knock off years from your face. Don’t overload your face with heavy duty foundation and concealer, instead try tinted moisturiser for a simple yet glowing look.

Creamy texture is your savior: Stay away from the powder, it will accentuate and highlight the wrinkles. Cream blush and cream eye-shadow blend well with mature skin type and will hide the fine lines as well.

Pick-up bright colors: If you want to look younger, bid adieu to the browns and greys in your makeup kit. The bright colors will take a few years away and will add freshness to your face. A hint of lavender or pink will add up to your beauty without highlighting your age. You can go for olive gold for eyes. However, be careful while picking up the colors, avoid overdoing it.

Take care of your entire body than just your face: Women, older than 30 look great in sleeveless dresses, remember the First Lady of United States, Michelle Obama. If you want to look as fabulous as the First Lady, take care of your arms, feet, skin and overall body. Keep your body moisturized, don’t let the oodles of fat sit on your arms and keep the dead skin cells off your body through exfoliation to look younger and radiant.

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