You can’t escape sunscreens in summers

sunscreens 1

All those fair-ladies and chocolaty hunks who are charmed by the sexy look after getting sun-tanned may be exposed to a bad surprise once their skin is affected by skin cancer. An article on summer skin care gives a couple of tips to make a beautiful balance between tanning and avoiding sun damage. The tips are as foolows:

1. SPF Count – Well anything from SPF 2 to 45 would work depending on your skin requirement. The article points out three layers of SPF, where those who have a family history of skin cancer are advised an SPF of 30; a combo of sunblock and sunscreen to work well for best sun protection and a combo antioxidants and sunscreen to protect aging skin from sun damage.

2. Application – Application of sunscreen and sunblock lotions must be applied half an hour before the skin is exposed to the sun.

3. Artificial Tanning – An artificial tan is better than the application of a base tan before going out on beach.

4. Feet Care – Application of sunscreens on the toes is very important as reports point out that heels crack in the summer season due to excessive dryness.

5. Skin Cancer – Use sunscreens if you want to avoid skin cancer.