Why to Have Cavitation Treatment at Your Beauty Salon?


In the beauty salon business, during the past few years, few things have been as prominent as the rise of the Cavitation Treatment. Among that too, thanks to the ease of the procedure, ultrasonic cavitation has taken the centre stage. Here’s a quick guide on all that you need to know about Cavitation Treatment.

What is Cavitation Treatment?

ultrasonic cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation, also known as Ultrashape or Liponix, is one of the alternatives to liposuction that’s gaining prominence because of its less invasive nature. It simply focuses on breaking up the fat and cellulite deposits within the body using ultrasonic heat and sound waves.

Through the equipment these waves are sent deep within the layers of the skin, and they cause vibrations there. This ultimately forms vapour or cavities within the fat cells making them look like bubbles. These ultimately blow and break leaving each other and are ultimately detached from the dermal layers of the skin.

Moreover, these fat cells don’t remain within the skin either. Due to the pressure, they experience liquefaction and their contents are released into the blood. Later, these are processed through the body’s lymphatic system and are ultimately removed through several pathways.

Are Cavitation Devices Safe?

As long as you are going for certified cavitation machines, the treatment can be categorized as a low risk treatment. Unlike ultrasonic liposuction or many other beauty treatments in the category, there are no major health risks when you are using ultrasonic & RF devices.

However, that doesn’t mean that the treatment doesn’t have any side effects. It could result in range of short term side effects like redness, irritation, loose skin, waves and even dimples.

One might also experience many other effects like bruising, swelling, headache etc.

Benefits of Cavitation Treatment

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Cavitation treatment has showed positive results so far. In fact, a 2019 study involving slightly overweight women showed how the women who underwent treatment through cavitation & radiofrequency devices experienced body fat reduction.


The minimally invasive and low side effect treatment is perfect for those who are looking for something convenient. In fact, usually, the most difficult part used to be being able to find a licensed practitioner in your locality. However, now even that isn’t a difficult job, Beauty Cavitation sells cavitation machines and training: find out here.

Quick Recovery

Since, unlike ultrasound liposuction, cavitation treatment doesn’t involve any incisions, the recovery from the treatment is relatively easy.

Other Benefits

When done using certified cavitation machines, cavitation treatment could have a range of other benefits including skin rejuvenation, fine line removal, and better digestion to even collagen regeneration.

Disadvantages of Cavitation Treatment

More Effective with Small Fat Deposits

Cavitation treatment tends to be beneficial, but mostly when there isn’t too much of far involved. It shows best results when focusing on small deposits of fat. It isn’t the preferred treatment for losing too much of weight.

More Fat Loss than Weight Loss

The cavitation devices are more effective in initiating fat breakdown. That’s why it is the ideal treatment for those who are looking for fat loss instead of weight loss.

Why to Have Cavitation Devices at Your Beauty Salon?

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the Cavitation Treatment. In fact, the ultrasonic & RF devices involved in the process have become much more commonly available now. More and more people are availing the treatment, and as of now the biggest difficulty is being able to find places which offer it.

That’s why, as a beauty salon owner, it could prove to be of a great advantage if you avail this treatment in your place. In fact, if you advertise it online, you might even be able to attract considerable amount of people from nearby places.

How Much Does Cavitation Treatment Cost?

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Since the treatment doesn’t involve any anaesthesia, provider fee is all there is to it. The average cost is supposed to be around $1300, but it could vary greatly depending upon various factors. These could include the numbers of treatments, the provider’s qualifications and experience, and also on the type of cavitation & radiofrequency devices they use.

Final Words

Since many people prefer the treatment because of its non-invasive nature, it is quickly garnering popularity as lunch break procedure. In most of the cases, one can get back to work immediately after the treatment. In addition, the treatment can also be finished within less than an hour, which makes it even more convenient.

Because of that and many other reasons, irrespective of whether you are someone looking for fat loss, or a beauty salon owner wishing to avail it at your shop, it is one treatment that you should pay special attention to. In fact, it might easily be the future of weight loss.

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