Does wearing Ed Hardy accessories make me look eligible for my daughter’s Halloween party?

I am not really into a lot of costumes kind of thing, as I am in my mid 30s, and Halloween parties are a thing of past for me now. However, my 7 years old daughter really wants me to be present at her party and as she knows I do not like costumes, she has asked me to get some funky accessories to at least be a part of the Halloween celebrations. I have actually shopped for a few things like, a pair of jeans with Ed Hardy somewhat tattooed on its waist, a short sleeve Ed Hardy t shirt with some skull printing, Ed Hardy belt and cap. Not to forget, I also bought up men’s jewelry with Ed Hardy skull as the pendent. I wanted to know from someone out there, whether wearing all these Ed Hardy accessories make me look fit for the Halloween party! I would be thankful for suitable advice!