Water fights aging better than anti-aging products, study says

drink water 7

The importance of water as an anti-aging element is most often neglected by people as a result wrinkled and lifeless skin appears faster. An article elaborates on the fact that dehydration is the major factor of aging skin, where toxins are deposited in the skin cells, as a result of which creases on the skin form faster and also rob the skin of its collagen.

Doubtless that consumption of fruits, raw vegetables and juices gives water to the body, yet they do not deliver the required amount of water to the skin to flush out the toxins.

Anti-aging products might again hydrate the skin but the skin’s natural moisture balance is maintained only by the intake of sufficient amount of water.

Therefore, those suffering from aging skin must first increase their water intake to flush out toxins and naturally keep the skin cells hydrated and plump with water. Needless to say, hydrated skin not only maintains skin elasticity but also avoids pimples and other skin problems.

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