Should you wash your hair daily in winters

Come winter, and you are bound to get worried with the chilly weather effects on your mane. Hair becomes dry, unmanageable and problems such as dandruff make things worse all the more in this period of the year. Washing hair daily seems to be the right solution as it cleans away the dirt from the hair making it bounce back with life. But at times, a question pops up in the mind whether washing hair on a regular basis is good for the hair.

Wash hairs daily in winters

Let us find out a bit more about this question and get acquainted with some tips on hair care.

Does shampooing hair daily harms?

The effect of shampooing daily varies from person to person; it depends on the hair type and the scalp too. But winters are definitely not the right time for anyone to indulge into too much of hair wash. The natural hair oils get depleted due to excessive washing, leaving the scalp and hair dry. Moreover, the chemicals present in the shampoos cause harm to the hair when used daily.

How often should you wash your hair?

So, the obvious question is what should be the frequency of washing your hair in winters? It is best recommended to wash the hair two to three times a week for those who stay outdoors for most part of the day. The rest of the people can easily opt for a weekly wash to keep the hair healthy and dirt free. Less is surely more for those shiny tresses in winters.

Recommended hair tips

To maintain the health of your hair in winter, you need to take care of a few things. Here are a few tips to possess gorgeous hair despite the harsh winter season.

a. Say no to hot water: Hot water can cause the maximum damage to the hair as it leaves the scalp flaky and dry and the hair brittle. It is best to use lukewarm water to wash your hair and use cold water for the final rinse to seal the hair cuticle. Use of hair dryers in winters are a strict no no, rather opt for a natural drying of hair to preserve the shine of your locks.

b. The right shampoo: You need to choose moisturizing shampoos for your hair in winters to avoid dryness. You can also try using a little amount of shampoo during each wash to reduce the harsh effects of shampoos. Conditioners are a must after every wash to increase the strength and elasticity of your hair.

c. Pamper your hair with oils: Oiling your hair with olive, jaborandi, jojoba or simply coconut oil during the winters proves to be useful in many ways. A scalp massage enhances the blood circulation, clears blocked pores to help in the secretion of natural oils and loosens dead cells. It also replenishes the scalp with the essential nutrients required for the healthy growth of hair.

d. The tricky hat: Wearing a cap or a silk scarf is an ideal way to protect your hair from the harsh winter. A silk or a satin lining inside your woolen cap can help prevent hair breakage. All you need to do is to wear it right so that it does not hamper in the scalp circulation.

Hair care is not really tough in winters. You just need to take note of a few points and you can surely turn on the heat with your lustrous hair in the freezing cold.

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