Walk into Great Style: The Best Casual Shoes for Women in 2019

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Best Casual Shoes for Women in 2019

You might be surprised to learn that casual shoes for women can be stylish as well.

When comfort is your necessity, but the style is still your desire, then you’ll be glad to know that you have a couple of options to choose from. Too many times do we force our feet to be miserable all day just to look nice.

That stops here. Continue reading below for ladies’ footwear that’s both stylish and comfortable:

1. Ecco-Damara 2-Strap

Ecco-Damara 2-StrapThe Damara 2-Strap is the perfect women’s sandal for when traveling to a warm destination. They’re super comfortable, which makes them ideal for walking great distances or for long periods of time. The straps on these sandals is a denim material, which goes great with just about any outfit.

The denim straps also give these sandals that splash of elegance needed to remain stylish. There’s no heel strap, so they’re easy to slide on and off when at the airport or when sitting next to the pool or hot tub at your resort.

2. Allbirds Wool Runner

Allbirds Wool RunnerThe Allbirds Wool Runner is another great shoe for when traveling. However, this shoe is a sneak rather than a sandal. Think you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them for an extended amount of time? Think again. These sneakers are super lightweight so you barely feel them on your feet. The wool keeps your toes warm when in cold environments, but still allows your feet to breathe.

They’re also a great sneaker for wearing without socks. And to top things off, they’re an environmentally friendly shoe.

3. OlukaiUpena Sandal

OlukaiUpena SandalIf you’re looking for something with arch support, then the OlukaiUpena Sandal is your best bet. This sandal comes with crisscross leather straps and toe loop, making for a great stylish sandal. Your feet will have optimal support given by the leather straps to match. In addition, optimal comfort levels are given by the footbed.

The footbed adjusts to your feet each time that you wear them. So, every time that you put on these sandals, they’ll feel a bit more comfortable than the last.

4. Balenciaga Sneakers

Balenciaga SneakersThe Balenciaga at SSENSE sneakers are as modern as it gets when it comes to style. Many of these sneakers have picked up on the bulky look, so if that’s a style that interests you, then these are a solid pick. However, there are some other less-bulky options as well.

And aside from being some of the most stylish sneakers out there, they’re made with comfort in mind as well.

Try These Casual Shoes for Women Today!

Have you made a decision on which one of these shoes you want to try? If not, consider trying all of these casual shoes for women today! With all of these wonderful options, it’s hard to choose just one.

And selecting any of the options from this list ensures you both comfort and style.

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