Using olive oil to make your skin and hair healthy

by DrPrem Jagyasi
organic hair oil

Every other day a new beauty treatment is in vogue and women flock to beauty parlors and salons for getting it. If you really want to look younger and have the most beautiful skin in the block then stop experimenting with your skin. Instead of becoming a guinea pig of over hyped commercial products go back to the beauty secrets of your grandmother.

Olive oil is a tried and tested beauty aid which has been in use for numerous generations and passed on as a secret from mother to daughter. Apart from cooking delicious meals it can also help in reviving the luster of your hair and the glow of your skin. There are multiple ways in which you can utilize olive oil for enhancing your beauty. Some of them have been shared in the following.

Herbal olive oil as a moisturizer

 olive oil as a moisturizer

Chuck the chemical loaded creams and moisturizers and make your own skin potion for winter months. Lavender infused olive oil works like a charm on dry skin. You can also try other herbs like rosemary or mint. A drop or two of aroma oils into olive oil and then massaging the face with it will not just make the skin supple but also leave a beautiful scent for all day long.

Olive oil bath at home

 Olive oil bath at home

Remember the beautiful siren Sophia Loren? She used olive oil bath for pampering her body and skin regularly. You can also take olive oil bath easily at home. First clean your body using a mild body shampoo and then dry your body gently, massage olive oil on the entire body and then get inside the tub. Take a relaxing bath and then pat dry. Your skin will become soft and attractive in no time. If there is lack of time mix olive oil in bath tub water and take a bath.

Best in class hair treatment

 Stressful life

If you have frizzy, dull or dry hair then also olive oil is your best friend. Massage warm olive oil on hair and the scalp and wash with a mild shampoo after 20 minutes. But before applying oil make sure that your scalp is clean.

For gently removing makeup

 olive oil benefits (1)

Use olive oil for removing your makeup as it is gentler than the harsh chemical makeup removers. Pour drops of olive oil on cotton balls and use it for cleaning the makeup. Olive oil not just removes the makeup but also nourishes and soothes the skin.

Olive oil can be used for improving your skin, hair and overall beauty in many ways. Store virgin olive oil at home for nourishing skin and hair whenever you desire.

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