Understanding the Ins and Outs of Oxo Organic Permanent Hair Smoothening Treatment


Long, straight, shiny hair is an ideal that many women strive for. However, the suggested permanent straightening process uses intense chemical techniques that break down the structure of the hair so that it can be molded into the straight fashion you desire. This also results in serious hair damage, which means that you need to maintain an after shower blow-drying routine.


Nowadays, people have the option of a non-aggressive and healthier techniques to straighten their hair.

Oxo organic permanent hair straightening comes highly rated for its effectiveness and more importantly, the results it provides.

OXO ORGANIC is FDA registered, vegan friendly and the technique is made by hairdressers – for hairdressers. Using a most advanced formula, it allows hair professionals to adjust the treatment according to the hair type. That is how this permanent hair smoothening product is designed to straighten all hair types, completely remove volume and even repair chemically damaged hair.

Here is how OXO ORGANIC is different

The treatment uses natural active substances rather than harsh man-made chemicals. It doesn’t cover the hair with formaldehydes or other aldehydes that will choke and damage your hair. Next, it doesn’t use chemicals to break down the structure of your hair like traditional hair permanent straightening techniques. A huge plus is that OXO ORGANIC is 100% rinsed. This means that all the treatment material is washed out completely before the hair is ironed out, this eliminating smoke with dangerous fumes. So, you can live your normal lifestyle without having to bother about your hair.

You can freely swim in the pool or sea, use any shampoo you like, wash and tie up your hair immediately after the straightening treatment, without needing to blow dry your hair every time you wash it.

Furthermore, you can color or highlight your hair immediately after the treatment. Now, you can style your hair with or without heated tools. Last but not least, the OXO ORGANIC is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Here is a list of differences between the OXO ORGANIC Permanent Smoothening Treatment and two of the most popular straightening techniques in the market today.

OXO ORGANIC vs. Keratin


  • Oxo Organic straightens hair permanently and doesn’t wear off like Keratin.
  • Oxo Organic treatment is completely rinsed off before using hair irons.
  • Oxo Organic restores the hair for a natural shine rather than coating the hair with chemicals to give an unnatural glare.
  • When you use Keratin straightening, you need to ensure that the product is rinsed off with either cold water or slightly like warm water to ensure that the product doesn’t wash off. With Oxo Organic, you can use hot water to ensure that the product is entirely washed off.

OXO ORGANIC vs. Japanese

  • Oxo Organic doesn’t break down the structure of the hair the way Japanese thermal treatment does.
  • You hair can be washed immediately after getting your hair straightened. With Japanese thermal treatment, you need to wait at least 3 days before you wash your hair.
  • Oxo Organic hair treatment will give your hair a natural shine; Japanese thermal treatment tends to make the hair look lifeless with no vitality.

OXO ORGANIC treatments can only be done at a certified professional salon as the process is more time consuming since there are no chemicals being used to shortcut the way to straighten the hair .

However, it’s worth it to have damage and chemical free hair that looks amazing.

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