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Beauty tips for women above their 50’s

A recent article speaks about different ways in which women in their 50’s can successfully hide their age.

The tips given in the article are as follows:

1. Eat a calorie-free, low-sodium, nutrients ans anti-oxidant rich diet.

2. Exercise…

Jujube Rejuvenalist Line to remove wrinkles the natural way

A new product release reports about Jujube Rejuvenalist Line, introduced by Boscia and it is all about tightening the collagen under the skin and removing the scars from the surface of the skin.

The repairative and nourishing qualities of Jujube has…

How to have a glowing skin this summer

Women, Skin Health and Beauty, the non-profit National Women’s Health Resource Center elaborates on skin care tips this summer. The tips are as follows:

1. Take an anti-oxidant rich diet this summer to tighten-up the collagen under your skin.

2. Drink..

Plasma technology to smoothen your wrinkles

Plasma energy technology is reported to be extended to the cosmetic technology for the first time by the North Dallas Dermatology Associates into the all-new plasma technology called as Portrait. This technology unlike ablative laser treatments does not..

Bitter Orange Astringent works better than your standard cleanser

For those with a combination and an oily skin, an article by SYIDA LIZTA AMIRUL IHSAN on Aesop’s Bitter Orange Astringent Toner brings good news to them. Syida writes about her own experience with the Melbourne-based product that had reduced pores within.

You can’t escape sunscreens in summers

All those fair-ladies and chocolaty hunks who are charmed by the sexy look after getting sun-tanned may be exposed to a bad surprise once their skin is affected by skin cancer. An article on summer skin care gives a couple of tips to make a beautiful…

Zeno heat kills pimple-causing bacteria before they pop-up

A new heat treatment called as Zeno is recently developed to clear out pimples even before they pop-out on skin. Reports provide that this skin-care product is the first FDA approved medicinal device to treat acne and pimples. The usage is all about…

Neaclear: All-new natural eraser of fine lines on skin

A product release speaks of the All-Natural neaclear Liquid Oxygen Bar Soap for acting as an anti-aging agent for sensitive skin and for children. Reports provide that this bar, also voted the Bar number one by the Chicago-area physicians, has the most…

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