How to have a glowing skin this summer

skin care 123Women, Skin Health and Beauty, the non-profit National Women’s Health Resource Center elaborates on skin care tips this summer. The tips are as follows:

1. Take an anti-oxidant rich diet this summer to tighten-up the collagen under your skin.

2. Drink atleast 10 glasses of water everyday to hydrate your skin.

3. Exercise daily to flush out the toxins fro your skin this summer.

4. Apply a higher SPF an hour before your skin is exposed to the sun.

5. Wear a hat and preferable cotton clothes to save your skin from tan.

6. Stop smoking to increase the blood flow to your skin.

7. Do not get carried away by the fascination of getting your skin tanned and later suffer from skin cancer.

8. De-stress your mind to de-stress your skin

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