Trend watch: Hair highlights 2012

An interesting hairstyle can completely transform a person’s appearance and make her become a fashionista in an instant from an ordinary personality. Monotonous hairstyles and hair colors can ruin your look, while playing with your hair color can turn you into quite a diva, thus automatically drawing all appreciating eyes towards you. So, this new year come out of that shell of monotony and show your true colors with hair coloring and hair highlights. A few of the hair highlights, that are going to rule the year 2012, are presented here for your information and help. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, highlight your hair and bring on the spotlights on yourself.

1. Trend: Red highlights

Red highlights

What’s in it: Red is a bold color and certainly so to be used as a hair highlight. Red is not a new entrant for the year 2012. It has been ruling the hair highlight or fashion world for quite some time now and yet its importance refuses to fade. Whether it be the runway of fashion shows or the glossy streets used by the most fashion conscious and fashionable ladies in the world, Red highlights are present everywhere. But this is not a color for the not so bold types. One must have sufficient confidence and a bold attitude to wear this color on the hair. And, looking at the attention that this color draws to itself, a high level of confidence becomes simply essential to handle the attention. So, if you are super confident and bold, you can make this color of passion the highlight of your hair.

There are various shades even in red. Fiery red is the hottest and boldest of them all.

DIY the trend: Choosing the right shade of red is important before you try highlighting your hair. It may not be easy to choose the right red for yourself, considering the huge number of available options and variations in the color. So here are some tips as to how you can make the right choice without much confusion or worry.

a. Consider your skin tone and check which type of red would suit your skin tone the most.

b. Your hair highlight must gel well with your lifestyle. Hence, always choose a shade that goes perfectly well with your lifestyle, your profession and your dressing too.

c. Red can come in bright, attention seeking hues to more paler or dull ones. Choose the shade that you are comfortable with. Do not try to get a hair highlight that draws more attention than you can handle.

Once the color is chosen, you can decide as to which area or part of your hair you want to highlight the color with. Though, a head adorned by dark red tresses looks beautiful, but you can skip coloring the entire head and choose only a few strips at the sides, back or both of the head. Alternatively, red highlight at the front side of your hair, i.e., the hair that falls on your face, looks absolutely stunning.

2. Trend: Graylights


What’s in it: Gray may not have been considered a very flattering color till late, but rules seem to be changing for this year 2012. With fashion divas and style makers like Pink, Kate Moss, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga and Kelly Osborne flaunting gray hair highlights, this color is sure going to be a hot choice when it comes to highlighting the tresses.

DIY the trend: You can cautiously choose the area or strips that you want to highlight this pale color with, or simply choose random hair streaks and get a carefree, stylish and head-turning look.

3. Trend: Purple highlight

Purple highlight

What’s in it: If there is one particular color that will give tough competition to the bold red in the year 2012, then it’s Purple. With a purple highlight, you will surely make a striking effect on the audience and simply WOW the crowd. Bold yet elegant, attractive and eye catching, Purple highlight has the ability to make a superstar out of any woman.

DIY the trend: Purple highlights can be applied in a similar fashion to that of red highlights. Choose streaks of hair on the sides or back of your hair and highlight them with the color purple. Alternatively, short cut on the front of the face can be highlighted with the color for a stunning effect.

4. Trend: Multi tonal hair color

Multi tonal hair color

What’s in it: Multi-tonal hair highlighting or coloring means highlighting your hair with three or more shades. The different shades of colors can be of the same color with different intensity or darkness. Or you can go super bold by highlighting your hair with different colors or even contrasting colors. A multi tonal glossy look can make a strong statement making your hair the most talked about fashion element of your dressing up. Out of celebrity names, Jennifer Aniston is one who makes a glamorous statement by flaunting a multi tonal look.

DIY the trend: Choosing shades of same color would give you a more natural look while making your hair color stand out in the crowd. But choosing colors like red, orange and blue to make a contrast with other or paler colors like gray would bring all spotlight on you. Though, getting a multi tonal look at home may not be easy and you may have to make a visit to your salon for the same.

5. Trend: Hair highlight trends

Hair highlight trends

What’s in it: Apart from the color palette, the world would also witness the presence of various hair coloring techniques in the year 2012. Dip dying, Paneling, Tone on tone are some of the options that you can choose from among the hair coloring techniques.

DIY the trend: It is advised to take professional help from experts who are well equipped and knowledgeable about coloring hair using the techniques or methods mentioned above instead of trying to do it yourself at home without suitable guidance.