How to treat dandruff with flaxseed oil

Treatment for dandruff

Almost every hand would rise up to admit the fact that dandruff can literally annoy to the core while somewhere developing a low self-image. Although the problem may not appear too significant considering the endless products available in the market, people who have dandruff may still find it extremely itchy. Nevertheless, running to your grandma for the home remedy as a permanent cure to your dandruff may at times appear as the only reliable solution. Not only are the homemade remedies much more reliable in treating your dandruff, but will also ensure that your hair stay far away from the damage done by the chemicals found in dandruff shampoos. In this article, we will show you how to treat dandruff with flaxseed oil and the care you should take during winters.

Step by step instructions on how to treat dandruff with the flaxseed oil

flaxseed oil

Difficulty level: Easy

Estimated cost: $10 – $12

Time required: 1 hour, 5 minutes (including 1 hour for cooking and 5 minutes for the preparation)

Resources required:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Apple cider vinegar (or white wine vinegar)
  • Properly granulated white sugar or brown sugar
  • Hydrogen peroxide


Prepare the mixture

Foremost, take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil and sugar (of the same quantity) into a bowl and mix them well. According to your needs, you can also increase the quantity and take two tablespoons instead. If you do not have flaxseed oil in liquid, you can simply take 3 to 5 flaxseed oil capsules and tear them to get the oil.

2. After preparing your mixture, apply it properly to the scalp and massage your scalp gently for the flaxseed oil to absorb in.

Hot wet towel

3. Using a hot wet towel, wrap your hair up wholly and allow the flaxseed oil to soak in for around 20 minutes. If not this, you can also use a shower cap and put your hair up in it. At the same time, if you are running too short on time and cannot wait for this 20 minutea oil soak in procedure;  you can simply skip the step.

4. Make a mixture of flaxseed, apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

5. Whilst the flaxseed oil is working on your dry scalp; take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, almost two cups of water that’s lukewarm and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Muddle up all this properly and prepare a mixture. For best results, you can even put this mixture in a spray bottle.

Washing off care

Washing off care

6. Take a shower and wash off the entire flaxseed oil from your scalp with a small amount of shampoo. However, make sure you have rinsed your hair thoroughly.

7. Now, turn off the water and divide your hair into sections. Use the prepared spray of water, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and apply it comprehensively. To notify, be extremely careful while applying the spray to your hair, make sure the mixture does not get into your eyes.

8. Using your fingers, gently message the vinegar into the scalp.

9. Once again, wrap your hair in a hot wet towel. You can even use a shower cap instead of a towel if that looks a bit messy. Allow the vinegar mixture to immerse or soak into the scalp for about 20 minutes to a complete hour. If you do not have enough time on your hands, you can skip this marinating. However, ascertain that the mixture sits on your scalp for at least a minute.

10. Last but not the least, wash your hair thoroughly.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Will including apple cider vinegar in the flaxseed oil preparation cause my hair to be dry?

apple cider

A. Absolutely not. In fact, using apple cider vinegar has been proved to be a highly purposive and reliable means to condition hair. Since its produced by the fermentation of fresh apple cider, it can brings shine to your hair and make it smooth. At the same time, apple cider vinegar has been used for years to treat skin and hair problems. It cleanses the hair and provides it with more lustre. Driven by great benefits, the substance also eliminates itching scalp and dandruff by destroying the fungi or bacteria that clog hair follicles.

2. Can I consume flaxseed oil capsules to treat the dandruff problem?

A. Taking flaxseed oil in capsules form might prove significantly beneficial to your hair, skin and health in overall. You can definitely consume flaxseed oil for your dandruff, since it’s even healthier.

Quick tips to treat dandruff :

1. If you do not have flaxseed oil or its capsules, you can also use the olive oil in the preparation instead.

2. You can even add sugar to the oil for dry flakes since it acts as a natural exfoliator.

Dandruff in winters- what all you need to know?


Shining hair gives a glossy look to one’s personality. However, problems are also galore when it comes to hair management. Winters are a testing time for those suffering from hair problems as dandruff. The facial skin dries and the delicate scalp skin faces rapid dryness. A research study done by Southwestern Medical center at University of Texas has come to the conclusion that increase in skin dryness aggravates dandruff. This section of the article provides valuable insight into causes and signs of dandruff; and steps one can take so as to keep away dandruff.

The facts behind the winter dandruff

One needs to consider the causes that lead dandruff for an in depth understanding on the reasons for dandruff occurrence.

Micro organism named as pityrosporum ovule has been identified as the major cause of dandruff. Exposure to dust, chemical based shampoos and hair dyes leads to emergence and spread of pityrosporum ovule.

Increase in the oil content in skin also causes the symptoms of dandruff to aggravate as it will increase the number of pityrosporum ovule, which has been listed as the main cause of dandruff. People who have oily skin face dandruff more frequently, as compared to those with dry skin.

Dandruff is visible prominently in winters. White to grey patches on top of head are a clear sign of dandruff and an indication that dermatologist needs to be consulted. Constant medical care can bring back vitality back to the hair.

Precautions to treat dandruff

As dandruff flares up in winter, you need to take adequate precautions. If you take the following precautions, managing hair in winters will get easier

Avoid shampooing too much



Shampoo should only be used under directions from dermatologist. Do not change your shampoo frequently, as this disturbs the pH balance of hair. Do not experiment with your hair because that can prove dangerous. Most of the commercial shampoos have pyrithione zinc or salicylic acid. Choose a shampoo that has one of these mentioned chemicals.

Get the pH level of your hair checked

The dermatologist will be in a better position to offer suitable treatment, in case the pH level is known. Keeping a check on your diet will also help. Avoid too much oily food in winters as it aggravates dandruff.

Pro-Tips to tackle dandruff in public

Healthy Hair

  • If in the company of friends or strangers; one need not get discouraged. Consider dandruff as a health problem, which you are tackling with medicines. Simply brush off the dandruff flakes and be comfortable.
  • With guided medication and use of balanced diet, dandruff will vanish soon and you will look as refreshing as you were before the occurrence of dandruff.
  • A massage of emu oil can help reduce dandruff. It helps reduce dandruff, as it is highly moisturizing.
  • Fenugreek seeds are a natural remedy for dandruff. Soak two tablespoons seeds in the night. These need to be grinded, on drying in the morning. Leave the paste for two hours and rinse.
  • Use of lime while having bath is also useful. Mix a few drops of lime in the last drops of water while bathing. Continued use of the same will help cure dandruff.
  • Green gram powder is to be mixed with cup of curd. Using this remedy twice a week helps reduce dandruff to a great extent. Try these time-tested solutions, as these help remove dandruff and provide long term solution in curing dandruff, if used regularly.

What you should avoid and treat dandruff

In case of increased dandruff in winters, one should not move outdoors, as dust and cold has drastic effect in increasing the concentration of dandruff. Take balanced diet and avoid oily and spicy food, if one is suffering from dandruff. Keep your diet simple and lead a healthy life. This will help you keep fit and avoid the reoccurrence of dandruff symptoms.

Use shampoos that have been recommended by doctor. Having different brands of shampoo when suffering from dandruff complicates the problem, as this interferes with the healing mechanism.

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