Top 5 Skin Care Trends for the year 2007

skin trends 7

As skin care products get tougher day by day, skin care trends for the year 2007 claims to make the selection of skin care products comparatively easier for the consumers. Skin care news lists out the following skin care trends for the year 2007 to sharpen the ‘beauty intellect’ of the consumers:

1. Cosmetic industry is making more attempts in going completely organic with its skin care ingredients.

2. Cosmetic industry is picking-up ancient beauty remedies, therapies and ingredients for more natural and comprehendible skin care regimen.

3. Skin care product manufacturers are not only using natural products but are also delving deep into nature’s bounty in tapping the functionalities of exotic fruits, natural emollients and condiments.

4. Skin care industry claims to be more transparent with its labeling to make the selection easier for its consumers.

5. Skin care line might witness an expansion of skin care products to meet the beauty needs of metrosexual men.

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