Tips to attract More Followers on Your Beauty Instagram Page

by Dr Prem Community Writer
attract More Followers on Your Beauty Instagram Page

Your dream might be for your beauty Instagram page to have millions of followers, and every post of yours to go viral. This is quite possible, with the right strategy. With great content supported by marketing strategies that give you free Instagram followers, you can surely stand out among the crowd.

1. Create an easy profile name

Your brand or profile name has to be an easy to remember one. It should reflect your skill (beauty) and your name. Most of the influencer accounts are known by their area of expertise as well as their names. For example, MakeupbyKim, and so on. 

2. Decide on your story

GetInstaA story attracts followers and gets them interested. The best stories are instantly liked and shared by other Instagrammers. Think of something you are really passionate about and what kind of account you want it to be – do you want to review the latest beauty products, create tutorials, or do you want to tell your clients’ stories?

There are accounts which specialize in makeovers, and some are experts in skin. The content has to come easily to you, as then you can share it in a fun and easy way. 

3. Keep the visuals co-ordinated

Instagram is all about visuals so your photos have to be clear and beautiful. Use a similar color palette, similar framing and same filter. People would recognize your posts just by looking at them, without even having to read your name.

4. Use GetInsta to get free likes and followers

Use GetInsta to get free likes and followersWhen you are starting out in a space like beauty, it is not easy to get followers and likes. Your content might be great but if you apply tools such as GetInsta you would get free followers as well as likes.

All you have to do is download GetInsta, signup and login with your email id. This is a free online tool which gives you coins when you sign up which can be used to buy followers as well as likes. You can keep increasing the number of coins by completing the tasks set by the app, and do this for an unlimited period of time.

GetInsta is a 100% free app, which is secure as well. There is no risk of your Insta account being hacked ever. The authentic likes and followers that you get will make your account noticed. There are no fake followers with GetInsta, as bots are never used. So, your following will only increase in time.

GetInsta supports 16 languages, which gives you the option to choose your preferred language. If you are starting your own beauty brand, you can use GetInsta to market your brand in many different countries, using different Instagram accounts.

Try the GetInsta 1000 free Instagramfollowers trial, to get followers instantly, and start making your presence felt. 

5. Use hashtags

Hashtags can boost your following organically. Do your research to find out which hashtags are the most common in the beauty industry. If you have a salon, you can combine an industry hashtag with your salon name, so that people near you can book your services.

A good plan is to create a custom hashtag which you regularly use. This would create a mini feed and extend your reach. Your clients could also use your custom hashtag after their appointments, when they post their photos on Instagram. Along with the free Instagram likes from GetInsta, and clever hashtags you can soon see a lot of likes on your posts.

Links cannot be used on Instagram, so there is no use to include them in comments and captions. You can give a link to your site on your profile. As upto 30 hashtags can be used per photo, make good use of that! 

6. Engage with your followers

woman Engaged with followers

If your posts have created enough interest among users that they are leaving comments, you should definitely respond to their comments. Answering questions and engaging with people will let them get to know you and this personal connection will make a huge difference.

Be consistent about your posts. Consistency has to be in delivering your brand message, and also the timeframe. Posting at least once a day will add your content in your followers’ feeds.

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