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Planning to attend a beach party and still confused which hairdo will suit you best? Select a hairstyle which makes you trendy and stylish, and is appropriate for the occasion.

To get that sexy look for a beach party, here are a few tips that could really help you. A beach wave is the latest hairdo trend for the season. Here are some handy tips:

1. Prepare at night for the next day’s party.The first step starts with using a texturizer on your locks. It will help in having a long lasting and perfect impact on your hair. After applying this on the wet strands of your hair, tie them into a braid. It will prevent your hair from being tangled while you are asleep. Doing this will also prevent hair breakage and give a stunning look for the morning.

2. For adding volume to your hair take smaller section of braids. It will give a rich textured look to your hair. Remember the number-texture principle as quality of braids matters the most to get that appealing look. Braids should be tightly knotted as it decides the definite pleating of hair. After braiding, apply texturizer to the hairdo. If you plan to carry a loose braid then keep it loose – it will give you a more relaxed look for the day.

3. Sleep with wet braids in order to get that wavy look. You can polish them to get that refined look for your hair. Blow dry strands before you go to sleep giving a neat look to hair. Wet hair breaks frequently, so it’s better to remove excess water from hair.

4. You just have to unravel your plaits in the morning. You can use hair spray to set your hair and get a natural beach look. It will add volume and a rich texture to your hair strands.

5. Before styling your hair into braids, you must keep in mind that the area around the crown and the roots start to look dull and flattened. You must use a volumizer and cover the area with it in order to give it a bounce effect. You will be able to keep down loose hair also. Make sure to choose a hair spray which suits the texture of your hair. Each section should have the volumizer sprayed on perfectly.

6. Having bangs along with braids might not be a good idea, as they cannot be placed with the braids. It is better to have a few silky smooth bangs left free flowing with beautiful wavy hair for the beach look. You should use a good curling iron and a volumizer to give your gorgeous hair the bounce it deserves. While curling your hair, do not curl the ends – leave them straight or flatten them out with a flat iron and then spray with a hair softener.

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1. Use the best quality products to style your hair as that could really make you outshine in the party.
2. Soft curls would look just right for the beach party.
3. Use products which protect your hair and skin from the harsh rays of the sun.
4. Chose a hair style that increases the volume of your hair.
5. Do preparation one night before the party.