The Complete Low Down on a One-Stitch Face Lift


As the years go by, aging is inevitable. This is a fact of life that every human being will have to go through. However, some of you may feel that age should truly be just a number, so you exhaust all means to keep it at bay. Apart from maintaining a great diet and exercise, you go through a slew of cosmetic procedures to help them reverse signs of aging.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best self. After all, humans only have one body, and you do have to take very good care of it. It is normal for older skin to lose elasticity, so a host of problems crop up like wrinkles, dryness, rough patches, hyperpigmentation, and the like. All of these elements will indeed make you look older than your age. Who wants to look like an ugly, old hag?

Of course, the answer is no one. If you have the means to enhance and restore your beauty, then do it. To keep the skin nice and taught, you may be considering going through a one stitch facelift. Here are some important details you should think about before taking the plunge to do the procedure.

What Is a One Stitch Facelift?


May industry professionals say that this is a simple procedure that is perfect for individuals that do not want to undergo the more complex full facelift. You may have noticed changes in the face due to the loss of skin elasticity and suppleness, so there may be some sagging skin in your jowl area. The one surgery facelift is a quick fix to that problem.

According to Dr. Andrew Jacono, the owner and lead medical surgeon of the world-renowned New York Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, the one-stitch facelift is a procedure that is less invasive than full facelift surgery. This is sometimes even referred to as a mini facelift. This procedure can even be carried out under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia which is harder to recover from. The quick treatment offers you the chance to once again have a fresh and more youthful look without having to undergo the pain of a full facelift.

Benefits of a One Stitch Facelift

Since it is carried out with local anesthetics, many studies note that there is less risk associated with this kind of procedure. This facial rejuvenation procedure is also a lot less expensive because you spend fewer hours in the operating room. A one stitch facelift only needs around 45 minutes to be completed.

Those who are very concerned about downtimes will be happy to know that the recovery period for this kind of procedure is also a lot faster. This means patients like you will be able to go back to your normal routine quickly. You can usually go back to work within three to five days.

The results are subtle, natural-looking, and most of all, immediate. There is nothing to worry about because the scars are well hidden within the hairline. The one stitch facelift uses the same techniques of the traditional full facelift, so you still get to enjoy its many benefits such as a firmer appearance of your skin, less sagging, and lesser wrinkles. There will be a lifting effect on your cheeks and jawline.

Performed with a Conjunction of Treatments

One-Stitch-Face-LiftThis procedure is usually paired with other treatments for the best results. Several practitioners noted that this goes extremely well with botox injections so you can further lift the skin and smoothen out the lines on the skin’s surface. Dermal fillers are also a great addition to replace the volume lost when the surgery is done. Others opt for a dermabrasion treatment to take out the surface layer to have a truly glowing skin.

With these combinations of treatments as an add-on to your one stitch facelift, the results will be even more dramatic. According to Dr. Andrew Jacono, it is critical to discuss all these options with your healthcare provider, so you can get the best advice and treatment plan to address your concerns.

If you have had means to get these procedures done, then you should go for all of them. Having a fresher and more youthful look will make you feel even more confident. People who look good on the outside also feel good from within. The way you look has an impact on your mental health. Since there is only one and beautiful you, you deserve nothing but the very best in life.

What to Expect with a One Stitch Facelift

Of course, you have to expect a little pain and discomfort after the procedure. However, fret not because the doctor will provide you with a post-surgery care plan to help minimize the pain and reduce the swelling. Suffering for the sake of vanity will be very well worth it in the end, so you must endure a little to reap this procedure’s wonderful rewards.

Common risks that you should expect are bruising around the face. As with any procedure, there will be swelling and temporary numbness because of the local anesthetic applied. During the first couple of days, you will notice some skin irregularities. However, this is totally normal and it will even out as you heal.

If you feel any severe pain and notice severe bleeding, you will have to call your doctor right away. Also, take note if you have a fever because this is a sign of infection. The last thing you want in any procedure is a bacterial infection because this will further delay your healing. Be sure to follow the post-surgery care plan of your doctor to minimize these ill-effects.

You will be happy to know that pain and discomfort may be bothersome for the first day. But in the succeeding days, pain and swelling will dramatically improve. You have to go back to the doctor for a follow-up consultation a week after the procedure so your wounds can be checked. Later on, you will be asked to come back after 3 weeks.

While you are healing, you will be asked to lay off sports. You can begin walking after two weeks and you can engage with your full workouts four weeks after the procedure. You must be patient and follow doctor’s orders so as not to risk your health.

You have to take note that the results of this procedure are almost instantaneous. Your scar will improve after two weeks, but it will continue to be even better 18 months after the one stitch surgery was done.

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