The Benefits of Beer Shampoo


Using beer on your hair makes it look shinier and thicker. Beer has very less alcohol content which helps your hair to glow and shine and stay bright. Here are some benefits of using the beer shampoo.

beer shampoo

Components of Beer

As we discovered with the effects of beer on skin, there are components within beer that are better for your body than any effervescent beverage. When you soak, rinse, or spray your hair with beer, its natural ingredients coat each strand and lend hair-nourishing benefits. In addition to B vitamins, the proteins found in malt are said to restore damaged hair and boost overall body. The maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair’s cuticles for better shine as well.


Makes your hair look thicker then usual

Although it is uncertain whether the corn, rice, or wheat protein in beer can in fact strengthen your  hair, there is no doubt  that it makes hair seem thicker. This may be credited to the proteins left on the hair fiber. Perfect for fine hair, an at-home beer solution is an easy on the pocket. When experimenting with beer as a hair product, it is suggested to use conservative brewed beer made from hops to maximize nutrients and minimize chemicals since beer also contains chemicals which should directly not be put on your hair.


Products to choose

There is variety of products to choose from which would make your hair look shiny and silkier then ever. Considering the benefits of beer, there are a number of hair products in the market that contain beer in them. Some of the following are British Linco Beer Shampoo & Conditioner which is developed with natural hops to lend hair healthy-looking body and shine, Logona Volume Honey Beer Shampoo which also helps your hair to look good, South Korean Skin food Hop Beer Hair Wash & Conditioner which contain ingredients that are good for your hair, and many more to prevent hair loss and have shiny and glossy hair.

As you can see from the number of commitments asserted by these beer-wielding hair products, there is no single function that beer performs. Its benefits depend on hair type and condition. Beer treatments are better suited for oily hair than color-treated or moisture-sapped hair, since they tend to leave dryness to the hair along with a healthy feeling.

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