How to sport Nicole Kidman’s side braids

Nicole Kidman's side braids

Are you bored with traditional braiding? If you are inspired by Nichole Kidman’s side braids, let us learn how to make it. This hair style looks complicated and time consuming but in fact it is quite simple and easy. Here is a guide to help you make a braid that is similar to Nichole Kidman’s side braids:

Complexity level: Easy

Time required: 20 minutes

Resources required

1. Thin end comb

2. Hair clips

3. Hair spray

4. Rubber band


1. Braiding

Pull all your hair towards your right shoulder. Hold it loose and then divide all your hair into three parts. Take the right strand of hair and pull it over the middle one so that the strand which was in the left in the beginning becomes the middle strand and the one which was in the middle shifts to the right. Now place the left strand to the middle and repeat the process with alternate left and right shifts. Keep the braid a little loose in order to give it a heavy look. The braiding looks sexy and funky when you wear it on sides. If you want to give the braid the typical Nichole Kidman touch back comb the braid after completing it. Spray some hair spray to bind the hair in the desired position for a longer period of time.

2. Tying the braid

Repeat the process of braiding till the hair length allows it. The braid should fall on to your right shoulder. When you are finished with braiding the entire hair and you are left with four inches of it, tie it with a rubber band.

3. To manage the short locks

If you have bangs or shorter locks in the front, fold it up to a big crimper and then rub out the curls to give a wavy look after a while. Settle the transformed bangs sideways on your forehead. If you do not think that it is pragmatic to maintain the side locks, you can brush them a little more side wards. You can also pin up the locks and give it a little fluffy and messy look.

4. Decorating the braid

Your hair should look neat from the back side as well, so put hair pins to pull the short hairs on your neck to join the braid. Other clips in accord with the latest fad can also be used to heighten the attractiveness of the braid. You can also spray some glitters on the braid to give it some hottie look.

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