How to braid cornrows

How to make braid conrows

Are you one of those who constantly stare at the mirror and silently criticize your plain Jane look? Well, hairstyles are one way to give yourself a completely new look and that doesn’t require rushing to an expert beautician. All you require is to have an understanding of what looks good on you and select a hairstyle that is easy to do and to maintain, especially if you want to carry it off for the entire day. One such smart hairstyle in braid cornrows. Cornrows is a style of braiding that makes the braids cling to the scalp, so it looks a bit different from the regular braiding. It gives you a smart and clean look and is perfect for college or casual day out. Check out these simple steps to make your own braid cornrows and have a new hairstyle in minutes.

Complexity Level: Easy

Time required: 30 minutes approximately

Estimated cost: NA

Resources required

1. Rat tail comb

2. Spray bottle filled with water

3. Leave in conditioner

4. Water and natural oil mixture

5. snap-free rubber bands or barrettes


1. Before you start, you would require a rat tail comb to create the desired partitions that you want. If you want to go for thin sections then it will automatically lead to small cornrows. However, if you go for large sections then you will get bigger cornrows. The most important thing to do here is to create a section that is parted in the front that will be directed to the side.

2. Now, at the hairline you need to divide the hair section into three equal parts, so that you can start braiding. Start by braiding the small section of hair at the hairline.

3. As you proceed with the step 2 you will see the braid turning into a cornrow. As you continue the process, add more hair from the section you are braiding into the cornrow. This will help attach the braid to the scalp. Every time you pick one of the three pieces of hair to your braid, softly pull hair from the parted section and go on adding to the braid. To keep the uniformity in place, keep adding hair in an even manner.

4. Continue with step 3 by adding more hair as you go along into the cornrow and reach towards the end.

5. If you have straightened or relaxed hair then creating cornrows is easy and you don’t have to detangle hair as you proceed. But natural hair will require a bit of detangling as you work on the down sections. All you need to do is simply and softly pull your fingers through the hair to work your way through the braids and continue till you reach the end.

6. The best way to make the detangling process easy and least painful is by keeping a spray bottle filled with water or a mixture of water and natural oil handy. You can also use a leave in conditioner on your hair. This will help detangle hair easily.

7. Once you have completed braiding the hair to the scalp, then you need to continue braiding your hair if it is very long. These braids will not be attached to the scalp and hence will look like the regular braids that you have.

8. To avoid cornrow ends from separating, you have the option of curling them around your finger. This trick works better on natural hair. For straightened hair or for hair whose ends just don’t stay together on their own, take the help of snap free rubber bands or barrettes.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you need to do and redo this hairstyle every day?

Ans: The best part of this hairstyle is that you can carry it off for two or three days without redoing the hairstyle all over again. So the effort you put needs to be just one time.

2. How to maintain this hairstyle?

Ans: There is a simple way to maintain this hairstyle. All you need to do is to put silk or satin caps or scarves over your hair when you sleep. This will avoid the hair from messing up and keep the hairstyle in place.

Quick tips

It is best to wash and shampoo your hair before you go for this hairstyle. This will help in removing all dirt from the hair and make the hair shiny. Also you can wear this hairstyle in different ways like adding a ponytail or an afro puff or the simple cornrows. So you have a variety from a single hairstyle.