Simple yet effective tips to become a Better Beauty Writer


For the most part, people think that creating content for beauty blog is pinning down your thoughts about fashion events, fashions for switched-on people and describing make-ups of movie stars on the red carpet. Blog owners often think so – and before they buy great content – where are they? Nowhere, actually. At least, no one knows about them – unlike those writers who follow essential steps and use tips and tricks of successful beauty blog writing.

Must-know essentials about fashion writing


There are plenty of events and parties that beauty bloggers can and should cover. However, there are so many of them that it is physically impossible to attend all. And if you are going to spend all your free time hanging around parties, when are you going to write about them?

So it is not just about attending and covering different events – non-glam work is also required. There is a need to present information that will be informative, relevant, useful and entertaining. Usefulness is the most important point here as the main aim of any good beauty blog is not to persuade readers to buy something but to show them that there are many options to choose from so literally everyone can find useful tools or products to look after oneself.

Responsible writer should always try and test all products they describe to the audience – practice is the only way to tell all odds and sods of certain product.

Expectations from well-written beauty copies

  • Great arrangement
  • Approachable delivering of information
  • Fresh approach to the topic
  • Catching headline
  • No resemblance with a grocery list
  • Consistency of tone in all articles

Things to avoid

One of the main fails of any writer is his ignorance of the target audience: you have to know to whom you are writing all this stuff.

Sometimes beauty bloggers try to write articles for fashion magazines – and this affair may turn out a disaster if the writer has no knowledge of the magazine style and tone of written materials, so get acquainted with it, if you want to be published.

Must-haves of every writer


  1. Sense of humor

Well-written, catching stories about fashion definitely require some fun – thus they will be interesting to read.

  1. Contacts in the industry

Good beauty writers write about current-day trends and fashion. Successful writers tell about trends that will be popular tomorrow. And that means that you have to make some contacts in fashion industry to stay tuned.

  1. Background

Actually, there is no need to have a background in the industry; instead, good writing and presentation skills are the only things you need. However, with the development of your blog, you will have to build one – you should know what you are writing about.

Popular themes

There are several themes beginners can try to tell about: at-home spa treatments, useful applications that are beauty- or fashion-connected, new services that offer new things in the industry or try new products and then share impressions with readers.

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