Do short hair wigs make a great style statement with black strapless gown, for a prom party?

I have shoulder length hair, and I have a very common question that is regarding hairstyle for myself! However, what makes it uncommon is that I am looking for some short hair wigs, as I am just overdone with long hair wigs with layers and flairs. I mean! Everybody wears that! I want to know from some fashion experts now, whether I can go for some short hair wigs with soft tape curls and a pointed back. I am 22 years old, and I wonder if I could look good with short hair wig on a black strapless gown for a prom party. My color tone is warm and I have oval shame face, with a dimple on my right cheek. Would you really consider it a great style for the party, or I should be fine with my old clip in hair extensions? Please advice!

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