Review: Frownies anti-wrinkle treatment

There have always been a desperate need for an effective cosmetic that could dispel wrinkles.Dozens of lotions and creams appear and ultimately disappear without a trace.But Frownies Anti Wrinkle cream has stood many a tests. Used and recommended by celebs like Raquel Welch and Rene Rosso, Frownies anit wrinkle treatment is considered to be effective. Here’s an insight for those looking for an easy anti wrinkle treatment.

Frownies anti wrinkle treatment

The upsides

a. Patchy treatment

You don’t have to mess about with any cream. Wrinkles are caused because of our frowns and scowls which make a pattern of the underlying muscles. We cannot stop laughing or frowning to avoid the creases. So, the fine lines at 35 become deeper, causing wrinkles.The Frownies Anti Wrinkle Patch physically re-trains the facial muscles that cause fine lines and makes it smooth. If you have fine lines on your forehead, around your eyes or mouth, just stick these patches for a few hours and it disappears.Deeper lines may take a little longer, say six hours or overnight.

b. Absolutely no chemicals

These are just clever little adhesive pads, with no chemicals. The only ingredients are Kraft paper with adhesive. Thus, no irritation or allergic reactions dor

c. Pocket friendly

It is highly affordable, costing less than $20 per box of 144 pads. It could be lesser when shopping online as you can get hold of varied online coupons. These pads are again re-usable which brings down the cost further.

d. Easy to use

Unlike injections and surgery, which need medical supervision, these patches are easy and safe to use in the convenience of home.

The downsides

a. Oily skin issues

An oily skin may not hold the patch. You may need extra cleansers which is also available with Frownies. The rose water hydrator spray and moisturizer is widely used with great reviews. This seems to make the patches work better.

b. Impractical daily use

Since we get up with a facial expression, either a smile or a scowl and the facial expressions cause wrinkles, we need to use them daily to rearrange the facial muscles.

c. Extremely sticky

The patch may not lift off the skin easily for some people as a lot depends on the skin type. This could happen to one in ten users.

Frownies Vs. Other anti-wrinkle creams

There are just one or two anti-wrinkle creams which are new and top ranking. But being in the category of skin applications they could cause irritation and harmful side effects. Sometimes they have a reversing effect with long use which makes it more risky. The Frownie Anti Wrinkle Patches have no chemicals whatsoever and are very safe to use. All anti-wrinkle creams need to be used daily and with moisturizers, so this is not a resolvable disadvantage. Other treatments are decidedly more expensive, unaffordable and not very effective. As for removing the strip, there are suggestions to use warm water on the patch. This makes it easier to remove.

Moreover Frownies as compared to other anti wrinkle creams, is wide ranged but have specific products, for example FBE Patch for the forehead and between the eyes, which is a larger patch and a smaller CEM Patch which is for the corners of the mouth and eyes. In addition to this, Frownies also have a long list of other interesting cosmetics like rose-water hydrator spray, under eye gel patch, ph balancing complexion wash, gentle lift, Combo FBE+Rose Water, Combo CEM + Rose Water, Immune Shield Skin Serum and other skin and eye care products which complement the anti wrinkle treatment..

The BeautyRamp Verdict

Weighing the pros and cons, we would highly recommend the use of Frownies Anti-Wrinkle patches. After all if you can show off a flawless skin with a simple treatment minus side effects, for sure you have struck the right chord.