Palmer’s Olive Butter Formula to sheen-up UAE’s skin treatment market

E.T Browne Co., the maker of skin and hair care products, is reported to introduce Palmer’s Olive Butter formula in UAE. Facts provide that Palmer’s palmersOlive Butter products are made of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E – a good source of antioxidant. The proven effects of Olive oil make it apt for moisturizing skin, preventing sunburn and skin-rejuvenation. To quote Ivan Lancaric, Managing Director of E.T Browne Middle East:

Being able to launch Palmer’s Olive Butter Formula in the UAE is a great opportunity for us to encourage the Palmer’s brand to grow in the Middle East. Olive based formulations are widely respected in the region and people appreciate the value of such offering.

Concisely the Olive Butter Formula consists of the most important ingredient in the kitchen cabinet, and it is reformulated to meet your skin needs in form of a rich organic body therapy lotion, a Body Balm and a concentrated cream.

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