Organic Hair Color : 10 Best Handpicked for You

Organic hair color products never go out of vogue. Organic hair colors have re-defined how people take care of their hair. And most importantly how people style their hair.

Hair coloring is an aesthetic process. There are a lot of considerations taken before choosing an organic hair color product. Does it have harmful chemicals? Is it pungent? Does it nourish and condition my hair? Is it inexpensive? Are there plenty of shades to choose from? These are the common questions asked.

Not all hair colors may suit ones personality. That’s why choosing an organic hair color product takes time and effort. You need to try and test different products and see if it suits you.

Since the hair is a sensitive organ of your body, abusing it using sub-standard products is a something that you must never do. You may not have great hair in a fortnight. So to have beautiful hair is to have a sustained focused regime of conditioning, moisturizing and using the right products. There are a lot of products out there that claim to contain non-toxic materials. However, we are just not sure if it is true. The below are a list of handpicked organic hair products we are sure about.

1. Creme of Nature Nourishing Organic Colors Caramel Blonde 8.3
PRICE : USD 6.95

Using ingredients that have been certified by reliable agencies, Creme of Nature is a hair color that gives your hair a natural tone. The organic ingredients nourish your hair at the root-level. Your hair is treated to rich colors that stay true for long periods. With kiwi & citrus extracts at the helm, the product is a good moisturizer too. Added to that is Chamomile & comfrey, which are two compounds that make the hair soft and supple. Since the product has no irritants, it is ideal for sensitive scalps. Due to lack of ammonia, the product has no pungency. Crème of Nature is in all essence a completely safe product to use. If you are looking for safety only, you might well choose this product without a second thought.


Crème of Nature Colors maintains a uniform color all over the hair-surface, so it works well on locked or braided hair. The liquid crystal technology ensures that the coloring gets to the root of your hair.

The hair color is long lasting
It is toxic-free and non-fragrant

2. Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye
BRAND : Tish & Snooky

Get classic, deep black hair using Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic. Renowned to be the boldest hair dye around, it was started in 1977, by a popular New York punk rock duo – Tish and Snooky. Now this product has grown out of the creators’ shadow and established an identity of its own..

Anyone looking for a jet black hair dye, and a long lasting one at that, may use this product. Blondes, and brunettes, who want their hair to completely go black, without leaving a trace of silver or red strands of hair behind, may use this product. The product works on all hair shades. Brunette, blondes, grey, etc.


Gives a long lasting deep black color to your hair

It is completely vegan
Easy to use and works on all hair shades

3. Dudley’s Fantastic Colors Conditioning Hair Color
BRAND : Dudley
PRICE : USD 21.99

Helping you to color your hair in crazy colorful designs, this hair color product boasts of a range of hair colors that are easy to apply. You can get as playful as you want with these colors. Become an artist, and blend multiple colors in a bowl to get a killer combination. Apply this mixture to your hair and see how it looks.

Dudely’s hair color contains no harmful additives. It is complete safe to use. You can choose from nine different shades. You develop a rich, deep color that shines with vitality and youth. You can streak the strands of your hair in different assortment of colors.


The product offers multiple shades. It is suited for people who want to color their hair in different assortment of colors, or unique combination colors.

Safe and easy to use.
Offers multiple shades

4. Avatar Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rinse #7004- Brown Cinnamon
BRAND : Avatar
PRICE : USD 2.99

Using Avatar semi-permanent hair color will color your hair for a reasonably long period of time. Having no ammonia and peroxide, this hair color product has no pungency and irritants. Given its vitamin B5 base, you hair gets the required moisturizing. It also contains a unique compound called hydrolyzed keratin. Hydrolyzed keratin moisturizes the skin and hair. This means that using this product will help keep dandruff of your hair. Your scalp being the bed of your hair, receives the required nourishment, and that in turn becomes a fertile ground for your hair. So your hair is re-vitalized and strengthened.


The hydrolyzed keratin nourishes your scalp. You will have no dead skin on your scalp. This in turn triggers your hair follicles to function better for enhanced hair growth.

Contains vitamin B5.
Has no ammonia.
Has hydrolyzed keratin compound

5. Naturtint – Permanent Hair Colorant, Light Golden Chestnut 5G Kit
BRAND : Naturtint
PRICE : USD 12.92

Containing vegetable ingredients, the Naturtint hair colorant offers naturally colored hair with long-lasting health. Based on cereal ingredients, and offering permanent hair coloring, the product is enriched with derivatives from oats, soy, corn, wheat. Oils such as rosemary and eucalyptus provide your hair a healthy shine that radiates with vitality.

Easy to use and gentle on the scalp, Naturtint’s results come slowly but surely. Dermatologically tested and certified, the hair color product contains no ammonia and resorcinol. Since it is vegetable and cereal ingredient based, it works well for restricting split ends, and re-growing hair. Naturtint hair color product has the ability to tone your hair up to two times darker.


Dermatologically tested and approved, the product is ideal for people who are looking for an all-round product that colors hair and also re-vitalizes it.

Dermatologically tested
Contains vegetable and cereal ingredients

6. Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural, 100% Natural Permanent Hair Color, Mahogany, 4 oz (115 g)
BRAND : Aubrey
PRICE : USD 15.76

The Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural is 100% natural organic hair coloring product. Using ayurvedic botanicals, this hair color product has absolutely no chemicals. Offering long-lasting hair coloring, your hair stays colored and vibrant for a longer time. In only one application, involving one simple step, you get good results. The totally vegan product does not contain ammonia, nor any synthetic derivatives. Non-fragrant and with no coal tar dyes, you can get your grey hair colored instantly. You get to choose from a selection of colors. Choose the color that is closest to your hair color. Since it is a totally non-chemical product, anyone can use it.


100 percent natural. Works on all types of scalps. Suitable for people who have scalp-irritation when using chemical-based products

No ammonia. No fragrance

7. Hennalucent 100% Organic Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color 2 oz
PRICE : USD 3.99

Hennalucent offers semi-permanent conditioning. Meaning you will have a long lasting, but not forever-lasting conditioning of your hair. Which is a fair promise considering that some sub-standard hair coloring products claim permanent conditioning of your hair. Your hair will stay conditioned, colored, and healthy for a very long time. Rich in proteins, and other hair-nutrition essentials, it gives hair a natural and long-lasting shine. Also, it does not use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. Some organic hair color products do use this chemical in negligible quantities. But this product does not.

Hennalucent 100% Organic Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color 2 oz is excellent for split ends. It repairs split ends by strengthening the hair cuticles and restoring the protective layering of the hair’s shaft’s exterior portion.


If you are looking for a conditioner which is also a hair color, then this product may suit you. Repairing split ends, the hair color will make your hair look genuinely beautiful.

Repairs split ends
Is excellent for long-term conditioning

8. Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel, Copper Chestnut 4R 4 fl oz
PRICE : USD 14.11

Using Herbatint Permanent Hair Color, in just one application, you get a permanent texture to your hair. And the only way to remove it is to wear the color off. The Herbatint Permanent Hair Color uses herbs as the base ingredient. This means your hair gets benefits of natural herb extracts and proteins. The product comes in three colors – 8N, 9N, and 10N, and all colors have a lightening capacity of up to two tones.

The product should be used on dry hair, not on wet hair. Containing walnut, rhubarb, Cinchona and many other such herb extracts, the hair color also uses coloring agents that go soft on your scalp. The product can be safely used by anyone with or without scalp-irritation problems.


The product uses an herbal base, and is suitable for all scalp-types. Also, you only need to apply once to see the results immediately.

The product contains essential herbs.
It contains no ammonia.

9. Paon Seven-Eight Essencerich Permanent Hair Color No.4 Natural Brown
BRAND : Paon
PRICE : USD 10.5

This ammonia-free organic hair color product uses i-organic technology for deep penetration. Not only does it color hair, but also repairs it. Functioning as a double-treatment product, apart from hair coloring, it also repairs hair cuticles, conditions hair, and nourishes it. The results are generally fast; as fast as 10 minutes.

You initially need to apply the color cream, and later apply the after-color conditioner. Take care whole applying since the product does have some harmful ingredients that must not come in contact with your eyes or get inside your body. For some people, it may cause an allergic reaction. You need to apply some on your forearm and leave it for some time to see if your skin is accepting this hair color product.

When applying wear gloves and use the special comb brush and plastic tray provided with the product.


This hair color has a double treatment mechanism that not only colors your hair but also repairs it.

The product does not contain ammonia. This means there is no pungency in the product
It repairs non-functioning hair cuticles. So if you are looking for a hair color that treats and colors your hair, this is the one

PRICE : USD 29.99

JFR HENNA hair color is a hair color product specifically made for red heads. Meaning, people with red, semi-red, blonde or brunette hair color may use this product. Coming in various creative hues, it accentuates the original hair color of red heads. Some popular shades are champagne, strawberry blonde, copper, and auburn. And for a product with so many varieties, it is inexpensively priced. At just below thirty dollars, redheads can get a product that can make their hair look incredibly attractive. Now redheads have another reason to be head-turners.


100 percent natural and easy to use. Makes the hair look natural. Leave the hair soft, and shiny.

Has a lot of varieties in redhead colors

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