Does a mix of olive oil and rosemary oil suffice for regaining hair at 22?

I started losing hair at quite tender age. Reason was using excessive styling products on hair. I have been kind of regular at coloring my hair, and even got Brazilian keratin treatment for hair, when nothing seemed to straighten my hair. I am 22 years old now, and I have just stopped using chemicals on my hair. I have in fact started applying olive oil on my hair, but hair fall seems to get serious in winters. I have heard about rosemary oil, and I was wondering if I could mix rosemary oil with olive oil to regain hair now. I am using Dove shampoo and conditioner, and although I am not really bald, small lumps of hair fall do annoy me! Do you think olive and rosemary oil mix is best for regaining hair? I would be thankful for an expert’s advice over my concern!

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