Maintaining that Healthy Tanned Look


Whether obtained from a salon or on a beach, the look of glowing tanned skin is a hallmark of beauty. Maintaining this look is an on-going challenge that can be conquered with a bit of common sense and know-how…


Tanning Options

Rising UV levels have driven most sun worshippers indoors where tanning options include tanning beds and spray tans. Of these two options, spray tanning is by far the most popular.  The best results are achieved with HVLP sprayers that diffuse the formula into a fine, atomized mist. Airbrush machines also have a good reputation, but of the two, HVLP systems produce the best results in the least amount of time.


Get Maximum Exposure by Exfoliating the Night Before

Unfortunately, spray tan longevity is limited to approximately 10 days. (The amount of time it takes for dead skin cells to slough off  the “colored” skin).  By removing as much dead skin as possible prior to treatment, tanning solutions can make better contact with the skin and potentially last a bit longer- but there are a few caveats:


¨      DO NOT use cream exfoliates, (or soaps) that contain oils.

¨      When dry brushing with a natural brush or loofah be sure to get behind the knees and focus extra attention on the feet and ankles.

¨      Rice water separates dead skin from the oils that “glue” it to our skin. To make rice water, soak ¼ cup rice in 1 cup of water for 10-15 minutes. Collect the water and spread it generously onto your skin. After 5 minutes remove the loosened dead skin with an exfoliating cloth, natural brush, or loofah, and shower as normal. NOTE: Repeating the process is an extremely effective way to remediate nearly all dead skin cells.


Avoidance is a GOOD THING!

Spray Tanning is achieved by applying dihydroxyacetone (DHA), to the skin. Avoiding certain foods and topical applications both before and after treatment helps protect color and longevity.


¨      Avoid perfumes, coffee, and alcohol 24 hours before and 24 hours after spraying.

¨      Avoid all oils, including those found in moisturizers, shaving creams, shampoos, and body washes, (includes sodium laurel sulfate), for 24 hours prior to and after treatment.

¨      Avoid deodorant the day before, the day of, and the day after your appointment.

¨      Avoid Rice Water (or rice milk) products for the duration of your spray tan. Rice water is a truly effective tool for removing skin pigmentation; and can counter tanning when applied topically.


What about Affordability?

Depending upon whether you prefer seasonal tanning or want to maintain your rich color year-round, salon tanning treatments costing between $40 to $60 each quickly add up. Here are some potential solutions:


¨      Opt for a lighter colored tan, (a single versus three spray application), so that your paler skin isn’t as obvious between treatments.

¨      Pool with friends to purchase a portable spray tan machine and hold tanning parties every 8-10 days. (A few Spray Tan Equipment options are listed below).

¨      Facebook your spray tanning parties and offer tanning applications for party prices!


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Spray Tanning Equipment Companies:


Fuji SprayTan Equipment                             Price Range $355 to  $2,700             Customer Rating

by Fuji Manufacturing                                       (5 Models Available)                             4.8 Stars

Fuji Spray Machines are the #1 Rated HVLP Spray Gun Manufacturer on the North American continent. DIY and Commercial grade Fuji Sprayers work with anything from latex paint to automotive paint; and from waterproofing materials to fine lacquers. In fact, Fuji is the preferred spray gun for finishing guitars and violins. Fuji Spray’s line of spray tan equipment offer the same quality of workmanship and materials. They will last over the long haul:


  • Fuji’s spray nozzles are fully adjustable from 1” to 14” (exceptional for contouring).
  • Fuji compression systems atomize materials into a fine-mist that nearly eliminates overspray. (As verified by professionals).
  • Flow control is completely  adjustable.
  • Fuji Spray Tan systems make 50% less noise than conventional HVLP machines.
  • Fuji’s spray gun has an all metal applicator with stainless steel fluid components.
  • Fuji’s three-stage turbine compression provides increased control at the nozzle.
  • Fuji’s SprayTan Models range from portable to salon size and are available on

Aviva Labs Spray Tan Machines           Price Range $499+                         Customer Rating

By Aviva Labs                                    Start-up Equipment Available                               4.2 Stars

Aviva is the only company, (thus far), to offer organic tanning solutions. Their basic HVLP machine, the T100X is touted as the most accurate and cost-effective spray system on the market. The gun is constructed from medical grade stainless steel, and their tanning solutions are 100% organic. Aviva’s business kit includes a spray tanning unit, (there are two models available), the pro-Spray Tan Gun,  a flexible 10 foot hose, a system manual, spray tent, and 3 liters of Aviva tanning solution.


  • Aviva Labs Spray Tan unit offers two speeds for smoother application.
  • Aviva Labs Spray Gun is constructed from medical grade stainless steel.
  • 100% Organic Tanning solutions.
  • Warranties are 18 and 24 months, respectively.
  • Onsite training courses are available.
  • We could not verify that Aviva Labs Spray Gun offers adjustable patterns.
  • Aviva Spray Tan Units are available at their website: Aviva Labs Website.

MaxiMist™ Spray Tanning System       Price Range $179 to $1999                       Customer Rating

By Aviva Labs                                         Start-up Equipment Available                   4.8 Stars

MaxiMist provides six models beginning with personal or mobile use machines; and graduating to full salon high-performance systems. The portable MaxiMist equipment is designed to perform no more than 10 tans per day – perfect for the mobile entrepreneur. It comes with an oversized tent, carrying bag, and Tampa Bay Tan Spray, (though many customers use it with other solutions successfully, and there is no danger of voiding any warranty when doing so).


  • MaxiMist uses a volume screw to adjust flow and customers report it is simple to manipulate.
  • MaxiMist offers more than one spray head.
  • MaxiMist provides a conical-shaped cup that promises better uptake.
  • German engineered gun with patented Teflon pin for no-clog flow.
  • Pattern Adjustments available at the nozzle for easy access.
  • Purchase price includes spare parts such as cup gasket, nozzle gasket, and spare pick up tube.
  • Mobile unit is a Single Stage HVLP turbine.
  • MaxiMist™  Units are available at or the MaxiMist™ website.



Although the companies mentioned above have high-end tanning machines suitable for salon use, the companies mentioned below offer only UPPER END SALON EQUIPMENT:



Infinity Sun Tan Systems          Price Range $2,700 to $7,200       Customer Rating

By Infinity Sun Corp              Start-up Equipment Available                 4.8 Stars

Salons running Infinity Sun’s equipment love these machines. Their models range from very portable to salon chic. Both client and technicians have favorable things to say about the machines, their support staff, and their willingness to stay on top of their client’s requests. Nonetheless, an IS system is a sizeable investment and it is definitely worth taking the time to speak to a few spa owners prior to purchasing.


  • Infinity Sun is said to be one of the quietest HVLP Systems
  • Infinity Sun offers “dual solution” technology for customizable tans, including contouring…                                                      (blending and mixing with the turn of a dial).
  • Intensity Selector adjusts the spray pattern from the control dial.
  • Optimizes tanning solutions by atomizing them into a fine mist to control overspray
  • Infinity offers whole-body pampering packages that can be applied using their spray system.
  • Onsite Academy offers world-wide training.
  • Infinity Sun Tan Systems are available at their website:





Fantasy Tan Spray Tanning Equipment           Price Range $3,900+                      Customer Rating

By Fantasy Tan                                               Full Salon Package $7-$8K                         3.8 Stars

Fantasy Tan’s spray equipment utilizes air-brush technology boosted by a compressor, in a larger machine where CO2 delivers the tanning solution from a quart sized cup. This having been said, Fantasy Tan voids their warranty if you use any solution other than theirs. The reason is simple, their flow cannot be adjusted like it can in HVLP systems, so their tanning solutions are typically thinner than other formulations. Thus, if you prefer tanning solutions that provide more coverage per treatment, (Fantasy Tan utilizes 4-6 oz per treatment and HVLP machines typically utilize 2 oz), and a fully customizable flow control, it might be best to stick with an HVLP sprayer.


  • Fantasy Tan receives high marks for equipment reliability.
  • Fantasy Tan Equipment is lightweight.
  • Fantasy Tan Equipment is quiet.
  • Fantasy Tan Equipment offers 3mm or 5mm fan tips.
  • Fantasy Tan offers personalized classes on spray tanning with your purchase.
  • Fantasy Tan does NOT accommodate flow control.
  • Fantasy Tan equipment is only available at Fantasy Tan’s Website.


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