La Mer’s million dollar beauty formula at $2600

the essenceDoubtless of the fact that celebrity beauty market is ever expanding and with countless beauty products that they endorse, some of them have to be expensive for including highest levels of cosmetic technology. The manifestation of the most expensive skin care product is reported to be La Mer’s The Essence, costing $2600 claiming the beauty behind Sharon Stone and Kim Cattrall.

Facts provide that the three-week intensive treatment of this product is divided into Dormancy and Mariponic treatments that asserts the effect of sequence started with narcissus bulb, rosemary, vitamin C and soy and winding it up with a specialized sea plant developed with sea parsley.

Apparently, this highly potent formulae stands for skin-calming and anti-ageing benefits in the Dormancy stage while the Mariponic stuff stands for micro-dermabrasion.

Well, the price should not bother you as the sample batches of La Mer’s The Essence is available for top La Mer clients at Holt Renfrew and other select boutiques worldwide. Moreover claiming their performance they have categorized their product as ‘true luxury’ for a doubtlessly celeb’s skin.

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