Jewelry Buying 101: Are You Buying the Right Jewelry for Your Style?

Benefits of Purchasing Jewelry Online

Did you know that the market for online jewelry has reached about $7.6 billion this year? And this number is only increasing as more people are getting in tune with their fashion sense.

However, not everyone is an expert in jewelry buying. But more importantly, almost no one knows how to choose the right jewelry for their style. So if you also struggle with this issue, keep reading this article to learn more!

Consider Your Gemstone or Birthstone

When looking for advice about buying jewelry, you might read about birthstones or gemstones. This kind of jewelry is tailored towards a person’s zodiac chart.

The Mayans believed that each month had a special meaning and a special gem attached to it. And over time, this belief moved into the jewelry market. It’s believed that your birth or gemstone will match your personality the best.


However, this is not a science. So if you do not like your gem or birthstone, don’t feel compelled to buy it. Nevertheless, it may coincidentally match your style and personality, so it can be a good place to start.

Consider a Decade That Speaks to You

Many people love wearing clothes that remind them of a certain time. For example, bohemian-style clothes came during the 60s. And the disco-style clothes came in the 70s.

Some people also enjoy dressing up in what we like to refer to as the “Y2K era.” Therefore, learn how to buy jewelry that matches your aesthetic. For example, if you prefer the early 90s, then buy the best jewelry with the same aesthetic such as hoops and silver chains.

Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Undertone

One of the best jewelry buying tips is to match the jewelry with an undertone. If you don’t know you’re undertone, follow the steps below

  • Blue or purple veins equates to a cool undertone
  • Green veins equate to a warm undertone
  • A mix of both equates to a neutral undertone

So if you have a cool undertone, silver jewelry will look best on your body. A warm undertone will look best with gold jewelry.

Lastly, a neutral undertone will look best with rose gold or pearl-made jewelry. It’s important to match your jewelry with your undertone because then the rest of your outfit will come together very nicely.

Match Your Jewelry to Your Preferred Colors

Everyone has a favorite color that they like to wear. So when picking out jewelry, ensure you are matching it to your preferred color. For example, if you wear a lot of blacks, then sterling silver jewelry will look best.


However, if you wear a lot of muted colors, then consider gold jewelry instead. By matching your jewelry to your favorite colors, you will look very put together and elegant.

Choose the Right Jewelry Every Time

Now that you know how to choose the right jewelry, you can start having the best style of your life. And always remember that jewelry is meant to enhance your look and confidence. So always buy jewelry that you feel most comfortable in.

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