Is Beauty Sleep a Myth?

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Beauty Sleep

There have been plenty of arguments with respect to this assumption that beauty sleep is not a real thing. Some say that that it really does affect your overall physical and emotional wellbeing which glows on your outer appearance, while some others are of the opinion that it is nothing but a placebo effect on your skin. Based on the reports of some people who take up sleeping beauty quite seriously and practice it like a routine, some deductions like these can be made:

Better skin quality:

Better skin quality

Good sleep equals good skin nourishment and, in turn, better facial skin. People have noticed subtle improvements like vanishing spots, reduced under-eye bags and supple skin as a result of practising beauty sleep diligently. A good sleeping time allowed to the skin to breathe and relax improves its quality, and imparts an apparent glow and shine to it. Nothing can deny the fact that a complete night’s sleep does, in fact, reduces dark circles and under-eye bags.

Healthier hair:

Lack of sleep triggers damage to the hair by tremendously affecting the growth of hair follicles and their breakage. Hair-fall also increases with increase in stress, and more if enough time is not spent relaxing. A necessarily initiated beauty sleep is well-known to get rid of these problems, and leave your hair feeling better and fuller than before. Spend at least 7 hours sleeping each day, and see the results in the form of good skin and hair for yourselves.

Better physical appearance:

Better physical appearance

Little to no sleep leaves your body feeling tired and low. In order to rejuvenate yourself, it is extremely important to subject your body to a good night’s sleep. How many times have you felt better in the morning after a previous long day at work? How many times has your body signalled you to sleep, but you continued working anyway? Beauty sleep is definitely not a myth as far as your outward physical appearance is considered. People sleeping on better quality mattresses like memory foam mattress can get better skin, better hair, better productivity and improved concentration. For more information about such mattresses, the comparison table by sleepissimple is by the link.

Strengthened immunity:

You tend to fall sick less often if your immune system is strong enough to keep infections at bay. And guess what improves your immunity? Enough sleep. Have you ever wondered why doctors recommend you take a nap after your dose of meds when you are down? It is because your body heals faster when you are asleep. This is why you wake up feeling better and refreshed. The same can be said about an already healthy person. A long sleep will better your body’s ability to function well, which will eventually show in your appearance, thus enhancing your beauty.

So, beauty sleep is not a myth. Considering the above benefits that beauty sleep provides, it can be anything but a myth. Keep time aside from your hectic schedule to sleep. Along with using cosmetics and other beauty products, trying sleeping for a couple of hours more than usual, and you will know the advantages right away.

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