How to Love Your Figure This Summer

Love Your Figure This Summer

Whether you’re jetting off on vacation or soaking up the sun at the weekend, summer is the perfect time to push to dress to impress, throw on the perfect outfit and look your best. Sometimes, however, this can be a difficult task if you don’t love your body and, despite the heat, find yourself wanting to cover up or wear dark colors to mask what you perceive as your imperfections. What people often need is a friendly reminder that summer is for everyone, no matter what body type or size you are. This article will provide you with tips and tricks to help you learn how to love your body this summer.

Rules are made to be broken

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There are unspoken rules when you’re unhappy with your figure during the summer. The moment the sun comes out,you may start covering up or wearing dark colors to try and paint yourself into the background. However, influential people such as plus-size model Tess Holliday, are beginning to change this through their fashion choices. One of Holliday’s plus size go-to styles in the summer is a pair of leggings and a cute crop top. This style breaks all the rules, popping with color and fun, showing her figure and arms with confidence; so why not step out of your comfort zone and follow Holliday’s example?

Trends are your friends

Without fail, there is always a vast number of new trends that descend on us every summer, be it crop tops or bejeweled shorts, and we all want a piece of this new look. It can be hard to indulge in these new trends, however, when a lot of the time we only see them on very slim models, but why should anyone miss out on being in fashion? This summer, embrace your body and new styles. The confidence of stepping out in clothes that you were initially too shy to wear will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Swimwear that Sizzles


One of the hardest insecurities to overcome when you don’t love your figure is to go to the pool or the beach in nothing but your swimwear because this is the most exposed our bodies can ever be in public. The key to this is however very simple; find plus size swimwear online at Simply Be that is tailored to you. There are so many options that finding the perfect bikini or costume is only a few clicks away. You know your body best, and by browsing online, you can find something bang on trend, which suits every curve of your body.

Be Brave

The key thing to remember when getting ready to go out this summer is your confidence. By being brave and making those small but significant changes to your clothing choices, you will allow yourself to love your body without limit this summer. So, get online, don’t be afraid of the trends or the beach, and go out in the sun looking your finest.

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