How to choose your perfect Tote bag

by DrPrem Jagyasi
tote bag

A Tote bag is a versatile, stylish and spacious handbag that looks more or less like your shopping bag, but it’s a must have for women these days—and also for some really stylish men! This accessory is easy on your work or casual wardrobe and is quite handy. Varieties of Tote bags are available today. You can choose the one you like depending upon how it suits you. For your reference, here are some totes that are trending nowadays.  

Different types of trending tote bags—

  1. Canvas Tote bag- This tote bag is usually large, practical and used for everyday shopping needs. It clubs well with your casual attire and is generally inexpensive. There are whole varieties of canvas bags ranging from handmade ones to eco friendly ones. It is available for a variety or prices.
  2. Beach Tote bag- A casual tote bag that carries your beach requirements primarily. It is made of canvas, straw, nylon or plastic and comes in large sizes with ample of pockets, zips or compartments. These inexpensive tote bags come in vibrant summer colors and themes.
  3. Luxury Tote bags- These stylish women’s designer tote bags are used for work and as high-end accessory, which defines your lifestyle. Designers have come out with large tote bags for travel purposes too. Luxury tote bags come in all shapes, sizes, and also in many different materials.
  4. Other common Tote bags- The other common tote bags we often come across are sort tote bags, mini tote bags – used for work, diaper totes – to carry baby’s accessories, and laptop totes.

Having known the common types of tote bags, the next steps to consider before buying your tote bags is—

  1. Use- Knowing the purpose can considerably narrow down your list to help you in picking the right tote. For example, if you are going on a vacation, then you need a travel tote, which is comfortably large and easy to carry around, but can hold your essentials when you are on the go.
  2. Size- Sometimes it is easy to choose the right bag if you know what all you need to carry in it; size of the tote matters in such situations. If it’s for work and you need to carry your lunch, water-bottle, essentials (makeup, sanitary pads, etc.) and iPad, then you look for a bag that is quite large, but that looks sleek when it is filled.
  3. Material- Depending on your use with the tote, you can conclude about the material, make, color and design of the bag. It will not be handy or appropriate to carry your expensive leather tote for your visit to the beach! You will choose either a canvas tote or a beach tote for that purpose.
  4. Closing- Once you have decided your purpose and what all is going into the tote bag, do look for how the bag’s closing function is. Are there zippers, magnetic buttons, velcro or clasps to bind and close your bags securely.

Keep in mind the total weight of the things that would go into the bag before choosing an appropriate tote bag. Generally, full-length zipped tote bags are preferred.


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