Hindrances to Beauty

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who is the fairest of all??” Seated in the deep subconscious of every female in the world, who comes to behold herself in front of a mirror. The armoury of women lies in their handbags, the grand cosmetic powers. In such a hypothetical situation, irony would lie in the situation of committing a grand error of judgement when it comes to deploying those weapons. Thus, is the subject matter of this article as to what not to do when handling oneself in front of the mirror!!

We start by nipping at the bud, and when it comes to the roots of makeup, only one thing can be referred to and that is foundation.  There is a reason it is called foundation and not tan shades. It is quite a common error, rather blunder, when ladies apply a foundation tone that is incompatible with their skin complexion. Ultimately, you end up with a darker face, while your hands and neck seem to screaming out white. Use a foundation that absolutely matches your skin colour and apply it to your heart’s content(use restraint!!).


Second issue that comes to mind is the disastrous effects of the miniscule weapon termed as lip liner. Common sense propounds that the lip liner is but a tool to prevent the runny effect of lipstick. However, so many people take it as an instrument to create a boundary line for the lips themselves. Lips that suddenly have an obscene ring placed around them are so not pretty, despite what people may say.


The third mistake in this vast world that jumps to the mind is the usage of glitter. If you aspire to be a mermaid in the sea, you may just get what you want through this simple object. However, considering that you are not going to the sea, but to a party, please spare us the agony of having to blink our eyes too many times when looking at you. When it comes to glitter, “more is less”.

Fourthly, there is a reason why they say not to keep mascara for too many months; Reason, being that they tend to form flakes and clumps within its composition, which inevitable find their way on your face.

Lastly, but not to be outdone, is the matter of blush. It can make you, it can break you. Use it to the perfect parametric extent, and you get an angelic touch. Use it to excess, and you get your apt place under a clown’s hat!!


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