Hair care tips: Blonde hair

Blonde hair
Taking care of hair color is a difficult task which many fail to do properly. A proper hair care regime is essential to deal with the complexities of colored hair. Nobody wants to ruin something for which they have shelled out many dollars at the hair salon, it is thus advised to take proper care of the colored hair so that you are not left with regrets later on. Many people who get their hair colored are not aware of the fact that hair color or dyes contain harmful chemicals like ammonia. These chemicals tend to make hair cuticles prone to UV damage, hard minerals and chlorine present in water and hair styling products. All these tend to make your lovely hair fade and turn brassy. However certain hair care tips can help in prolonging the color of the dye and make the hair smoother shinier and silkier. Read on to learn about such wonderful tips.

1. Keep your hair covered

It is important that you keep your colored hair covered with a scarf or hat so that there is minimum sun exposure. Sun rays can play havoc with normal hair leaving aside the fact that colored hair are all the more prone to sun damage. Keeping the hair colored will also prevent color from fading, you can preserve your lovely blond colored hair by taking a little precaution. You can also use a UV spray if sun exposure is unavoidable, make sure you reapply the UV spray every 20 minutes.

2. While hitting the pool keep your hair soaked in clean water

If you are a water baby and love to take a dip or two in the swimming pool, make sure you are taking enough precautions to protect your blonde colored hair from harmful chlorine or salt present in water. It is advised that you rinse your hair in clean water before plunging into the swimming pool. Soaking the hair in water first will prevent them from soaking the harmful water in the pool. You can also use a shower cap to protect your lovely colored hair.

3. Use at home glaze

Using at home glaze once every 3-4 weeks is also recommended for maintaining the health and color of gorgeous blonde colored hair. Glaze will help you restore cuticle and enhance shine and color of the hair. Experts recommend reputed names like Oscar Blandi Luce Sheer Gloss.

4. Use clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos can do great favor to colored hair by removing green tint which is usually caused by hard minerals and chlorine in water. Do not over do with the use of clarifying shampoos, just one wash a week is more than sufficient. You can easily find clarifying shampoos at the nearby departmental store.

5. Eliminate brassiness

Eliminating brassiness might be a real tough job for many women. An easy solution for dealing with brassiness is to use a purple toned shampoo at least once in a week. You can also deal with brassiness by applying a nice layer of rich gloss treatment.

6. Use styling products wisely

If you find it too hard to let go off hair styling products make sure you protect the colored hair first. Keep in mind that colored hair are more susceptible to damage. Apply protector on hair before using a curling iron or a flat iron.

7. Restore softness

You can restore the softness of hair easily by using a brand after sun hair mask. This trick can be used to deal with hair which feel more like straw. This situation is quite frequent with colored hair, protect your blonde colored hair easily by applying this hair mask once a week.

8. Avoid over brushing

It is understood that you will be in love with your newly colored hair and will tend to brush them a little to often, it is however advised not to do so frequently. Avoid over brushing at all costs to prevent hair from breaking and splitting.

9. Go for hair spa

Colored hair need to be taken care of on regular basis, it is essential to take good care of them before its too late. You must ensure taking hair spa every fortnight from the day you get your hair colored.

10. Avoiding re-coloring too quickly

Once you get your hair colored, do not even think of getting a new color on to your hair soon. Too much of chemical exposure will only harm your hair beyond imagination.

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