Hair and beauty myths we should stop following

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When it comes to beauty or hair maintenance, we are ready to do anything without giving a second thought whether it will be useful or harmful for our skin or hair.  We usually see women following old wives tales to overcome their beauty or hair related problems. Here we are going to chase away some old hair and beauty myths that we need to stop believing.


If you pluck a grey hair, you will get more:

It is impossible to have lots of grey hair by just plucking one. According to scientific researches, when one hair starts graying, all hair begin taking color granules collectively and when we pluck one gray hair; others have already started producing grey color.


Steam opens pores of your Skin:

Steam simply removes the dirt inside; it has nothing to do with opening or closing of pores, as pores are enigmatic and cannot be open or close with hot steam or cold water.


Use anti ageing cream after 30s:

Like fingerprints, skin type of every person is different. Some people show the sign of ageing in 30s and after 35, while others in their 20s. There is no hard and fast rule for having ageing signs. It totally depends on our eating habits and life style. Therefore, you should prepare yourself as per their skin type before using anti-ageing products.


People with dark complexion should say NO to red lipstick:

All fake! Complexion has nothing to do with your lip shade. It is all about to choose a right lip shade, which compliments your skin tone.


Oil your scalp for healthy hair:

If we grease our scalp with lots of oil, it is not going to help us in any manner; rather it will clog the pores and damage hair. Instead of applying oil over scalp, we should apply it gently on hair, along with mild scalp massage, to get strong and healthy hair.


Toothpaste can remove acne:

It is not true. Toothpaste only increases the number of pimples on your face and is not an acne curing remedy at all.


Trimming helps in fast hair growth:

It is a very old myth. Trimming can definitely make your hair look healthy and split free, but it is not going to help them grow as hair grows from roots, not from the end tips.

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