French manicure- top twists in this art 2013

Every woman loves to dress up and look beautiful and classy; after all it is her right to look ravishing. French manicure is a method that has been around for a very long time and it can be associated with elegance and class. French manicure never goes out of style and in fact new styles keep adding to this practice. You can get a French manicure for any and every occasion from official to personal. If you still haven’t gone for a French manicure then now is the time to get one as you are missing out on something very brilliant. There have been many new additions in the method of French manicure over the years and now that we are on the topic let us go through some twists that have made French manicure even more exciting.


Twists in French manicure

  • Nude nails enclosed with black: it looks as good as it sounds. French manicure has always paid special attention to tips of the nails and this twist is just in line with it. It is obviously a great contrast of colors as the base is nude and the outline will be black. It looks great and is definitely a keeper.
  • Colorful French manicure: French manicure becomes more interesting to look at when you add a lot of colors to it. You can use nude color for the base and color the tips with different color nail paints and the result will be outstanding.
  • Leather nails: do you want your nails to look like leather? If you have nodded in yes then you can go with matte brown color for the base and matte black for the tips and you are good to go. They look quite much like leather and you will have a whole new look for your nails.
  • Black French manicure: this twist can be addressed as fierce in every sense of the word. This French manicure trend is growing at a rapid rate where you use matte black on the base and glossy black on the tips.
  • Reverse French manicure: it is fun to do things in reverse and it is true for French manicure as well. French manicure has always been about the tips of the nails but we are talking about twists here so how about you add the twist not at the tip but at the bottom? You can choose golden color for the bottom and navy blue for the base as the combination looks awesome.

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