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face massage

One of the most traditional and authentic methods of treatment is face massage. An invigorating session of face massage is a relaxing experience for the tired and stressed facial muscles as well as soother for the tired nerves of the body. It is a practice followed by professional beauty salons or spas before a facial. Face massage improves the circulation of blood within the veins of the face. It further improves the drainage system of the lymph nodes and helps in removing the toxins from the face as well as the different parts of the body.

Technique of face massage

Face massage is a skilled job that involves certain basic techniques. Here are a few steps that will guide you with the steps in the most professional way. Before starting our facial massage session, clean our face scrupulously with a herbal cleansing milk or astringent as per your skin type. Now, brush all your hair away from your face and tie them with a head band. Wrap your body with a clean towel too, to avoid dripping and smudging. Use very light pressure and move our fingers gently over your face in outward movements. Involve your middle, index and ring fingers during the massage as it will exert the right pressure needed for the job. Move your hand in circular movements around the forehead, hairline and eyebrows, resembling “8”. Use your middle finger to work out an outward movement from the bridge of the nose to the temple. Never stretch the skin in reverse direction as the skin around the eyes are extremely soft and sensitive. Massage along the sides of the bridge of your nose, stroking from the area near the inner hollow of the eyes. Go for bold circular movements for the cheek. Give circular movements with the index and the middle finger for the region around your lips and chin. Continue doing this for fifteen to twenty minutes and use a good skin cream or essential oil as the medium of massage. Avoid using any makeup within three to four of the regime.

The benefits of face massage
There are great benefits of face massage has been recognized since ages. Here are the various benefits of this healing treatment.

Cures headache

It releases headache of different kinds, like migraine, stress, eye problems, normal headaches, etc. as massage around the tight muscular regions of the face, neck, head and temples are soothed.

Improves paralytic conditions

It is so effective that certain cases of facial paralysis are also cured by regular facial massage. The contraction and shortening of facial muscles on occasions of paralysis are often cured permanently by this.

Improves skin texture

Face massage improves the texture of the skin, reduces sagging of the skin, double chin, wrinkles and fine lines and puffy eyes, thereby making the face youthful and refreshed. This is because it relaxes the tight muscles, improved blood circulation and drives out toxins.

Reduces stress

Face massage relaxes the tensed muscles during the stressful times and encourages healthy blood circulation, thus reducing stress.

Acts as an age repairing device

Regularized blood flow throughout the face and the production of internal heat as a result makes the face open to the ingredients used in the session. Therefore, all the essential oils and recipes used get quickly absorbed within the skin and reduces the multiplication of the age causing free radicals.

Corrects the skin

Different individual has different skin types. Each skin has its own set of inherent disorders. Such as oil skin suffer from acne, pimples, blackheads, etc., dry skin faces extreme flaking, stretched feeling and early aging and normal skin is otherwise lucky, but needs a lot of care to preserve its beauty. A skilled facial massage caters to all these factors and corrects the skin.

The downside of face massage

The products used in the facial massage session must be chosen properly or else it might bring about several skin problems and permanent damage to the skin. In case if a skilled person is not involved in the act, the facial skin may sag and develop wrinkles instead of getting improved. There are high chances of contact dermatitis and other human transferred skin diseases during facial massage.

Tricks and tips for face massage

1. Removing dead cells prior to face massage shows better results.

2. Making the skin moist with serum prior to face massage makes the face better equipped to absorb the cream or the essential oil used in the session.

3. It is good to have a face massage done every month.

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