Effective tips for faithfully removing your eye makeup

Overlooking the importance of removing makeup is becoming the habit of many women around the world. Neglecting makeup removal can make skin dull and lifeless. In fact, cleansing and removing makeup is essential to make the skin breathe. Washing out makeup can get you a moisturized and soft skin.

Eyes being sensitive part of our face, it needs proper cleansing and care. Following certain tips and tricks to remove make up from eyes, you can get those healthy and beautiful eyes. Here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members to remove makeup from eyes to keep skin healthy.

Apply mild moisturizer for smooth eyes

Skin care woman putting face cream

Almost everyone is aware of the benefits of moisturizer. Apart from making skin soft and smooth, it can be an amazing makeup remover. While removing makeup, just take small quantity of a mild moisturizer on your fingers. Apply it smoothly and slowly on the closed eyes. Rub it for few seconds on and around the eyes. Now dip cotton balls in little water and clean your eyes with it. Using your moisturizer, as makeup removing will not only make your eyes clean but healthy.

Use Coconut oil to remove stubborn eye makeup

Dark and Smoky Eye shadow

Sometimes it is quite hard to remove dark eyeliners and eye shadows. In addition, keeping it all night long can have harmful effects on the eyes. Removing the eye makeup is important for maintaining the good health of eyes. Coconut oil can get you rid of stubborn makeup making eyes clean without having any side effects on the eyes. For removing the eye makeup, take cotton ball and dip it in coconut oil. After dipping it properly in the oil, squeeze it a little bit, and remove excess oil from the cotton ball. Now close your eyes and gently clean your eyes. After cleaning eyes properly, you will get clean and soft eyes.

Consider using baby wipes for cleaner eyes

eye care

Baby wipes are smooth and soft to the skin. Removing your makeup with baby wipes will not only make it smooth but also clean. Take two baby wipes, close your eyes, and gently remove the makeup for the cleaner eyes. Cleaning with baby wipes will make the skin softer and cleaner without any harsh effects on the skin, as these wipes are made keeping in mind the sensitive skin of babies.

Extra Virgin olive oil and witch hazel mixture

Extra Virgin olive oil

For people who believe in using homemade products, here is a recipe that can get you rid of your eye makeup. For making the recipe of this homemade eye remover, pour some extra virgin olive oil with Witch Hazel into a bottle. Now mix it well and keep it aside for few minutes. Now dip cotton balls in this mixture and clean your eyes with it for smooth and softer eyes.


While removing makeup, it is necessary to clean it with right products. Overlooking removing makeup can damage the skin making it dull and rough. With proper and regular cleaning one can get clean, clear, and moisturized skin.

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