Easy therapies to keep Wrinkles at bay…

collagenSmoking, under-nourished diet, sun-exposure, rapid weight loss and the most prominent ageing are some of the reported reasons for wrinkles. But all the reported factors are in the control of one’s personal skin-care regime and daily nutrition. In case of smoking you are giving chance to the free radicals to literally shrink your skin cells to give you a frowned appearance and in case sun-protection the most obvious is the use of sunscreen lotions.

While there are many topical and cosmetic treatments, both of them should not be undertaken without the suggestion of a dermatologist. However an article suggests the following ways of ageing gracefully without applying painful laser and peeling on skin. Each tip is aesthetically a therapy for you to keep wrinkles at bay. They are as follows:

1. Eating a vitamin and anti-oxidant rich diet.

2. Drinking plenty of water.

3. Using sunscreens with a minimum of SPF15.

4. Exfoliating skin as often as possible.

5. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer having compounds rich in vitamins C and E.

6. Apply collagen formulations on skin, preferably with AHA, aloe vera or other fruit and mineral-based formulations.

7. Go for anti-ageing collagen facials or masks once a week.

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