Decoding the art of looking fab with your eyeglasses on

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Eyeglasses are just like any other accessory you use for enhancing your personality and looks. By choosing one that suits your taste and your face in the best ways possible, you can end up looking gorgeous with your eyeglasses on. You simply need to figure out what look ranging from style conscious, fun loving, youthful to conservative you want to create. Here is your guide to choosing eyeglasses that make the wearer look simply fab.

Eyeglasses suitable for businessmen/businesswomen

A businessman or a businesswoman understands the importance of creating a lasting impression on the clients and colleagues. Eyeglasses in conservative shapes (rectangles, ovals and almonds) and traditional colors (silver, gold, gray, brown, or black) largely help the wearer to enhance his/her professional image. Coming to the material, you can go for plastic frames in a number of bright colors and unusual shapes. Frames made of titanium and stainless steel are also good options that you can consider. You can view this for more information or explore the endless world of Internet to choose the best frames and glasses for you.

Eyeglasses suitable for the seniors

You being a senior and old need not wear old-fashioned eyeglasses with unappealing giant metal frames. You can pick frame shapes that kind of uplift face and help make one look young and modern. Men can go for upswept rectangle frames in colors ranging from deep browns, burgundy to gunmetal. Women can pick cat-eye shaped eyeglasses of shinier hues.

Eyeglasses suitable for fashion savvy individuals

Eyeglasses with modern frame shapes such as geometric shapes and large plastic frames can be an ideal pick for fashion enthusiasts. Modern metal frames also look extremely stylish. Besides frame shape, unusual frame colors such as purple, green and blue are perfect picks for fashion savvy individuals. Yet another great option is to go for eyeglasses that exude vintage or retro styling, as it is a big fashion trend lately.

Eyeglasses suitable for students

While being a student at a college or university, you can flaunt your style with eyeglasses that suit your personality the best. As there are no such constraints like that of a conservative office environment, you can pick eyeglasses in trendy and eye-catching colors, unusual shapes and styles. Whether it is an intellectual style, geeky style, a retro or a sober look you want to create, you wouldn’t end up facing any difficulty for the choices are many.

Eyeglasses suitable for parents

Parents burdened with responsibilities hardly get time to keep a close eye on recent eyewear trends. All such parents can make an ideal eyeglass choice by choosing a basic yet stylish pair of eyeglasses. Moms and dads on a lookout for eyeglasses that look great and are functional altogether can pick shapes like ovals, soft cat-eye and upswept rectangles.  If you desire to enhance the fashion quotient of your eyeglasses, you can go about adding details such as metal accents, designer logos and more. Buying basic frames in interesting colors including soft green, plum, black and deep red is also a great option to consider.

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