Daily skin care routine: Dry skin type

Dry skin care

Daily skin care routine is essential to keep skin problems at bay. Each skin type has different requirements and thus need an altered skin care regime. Of all skin types, dry skin needs an intense daily skin care routine. We have put together a recommended daily skin care routine for dry skin type.

Do you have a dry skin?

Dry skin feels flaky and stretched. It gets chapped easily. This can be credited to lack of sebum and moisture. Dry skin can signify lack of water content. Dry skin looks scaly and fragile. If not taken care of, dry skin can age prematurely.

It is easy to check if you have a dry skin type or not. Just when you get up in the morning, take a tissue paper and wipe it, to and fro, on your face. If the tissue does not get any greasy stains and the rubbing makes your skin feel stretched, then you surely have a dry skin.

Daily skin care routine

1. Cleansing

If you have a dry skin, washing your face once or twice a day suffice the need. Cleaning your face with water, many times a day, can make it completely lose the essential oils required to keep the skin moisturized. A recommended skin care tip for dry skin is, to wash your face in the morning with a face wash specifically meant for dry skin and clean your face with a mild face cleanser just before you head to the bed.

Also, the number or baths should be limited to one. Prefer to use lukewarm water instead of hot water for bathing. After taking a bath pat dry yourself instead of rubbing towel over an already flaky skin.

When opting for a cleanser for dry skin, opt for a creamy cleanser. Creamy cleanser can moisturize dry skin while cleaning dirt and impurities.

2. Moisturize

Moisture is essential for a dry skin to keep it from chapping or become flaky. Applying moisture on the dry skin, few times a day is a simple way of keeping it moisturized. Incorporating a night cream in your daily skin care regime can work wonders for dry skin. Lack of moisture can make dry skin feel tight and uncomfortable. A recommended tip is to apply moisture whenever your skin feels damp. While choosing the moisturizer, read through the ingredients. All cosmetics and beauty ingredients might not suit your skin. It is essential to keep a track of it and using a cosmetic repelled by your skin can aggravate your already dry skin.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating can make your skin even drier. Thus, exfoliation should be carried out only once in a week. For exfoliating dry skin, choose a gentle exfoliating cleanser. For application, synthetic gloves or scrub can be of help. A recommended tip is to moisturize your skin after exfoliation every week. Use only those exfoliating cleansers that are specifically meant for dry skin type. Other than the beauty products available, you can mash papaya and apply it on your skin. The papaya seeds are a natural exfoliating cleanser.

4. Facial masks

Choose amongst the mild facial masks for dry skin type. For facial masks, pick and choose ingredients with qualities that can help in hydrating and moisturizing dry skin. Mashed avocado, banana, a tablespoon of honey and equivalent quantity of yoghurt can be used as a recommended facial mask.

5. Toning

Skin toners help in hydrating skin and tighten and close pores. It stimulates circulation and freshen the skin. But toning might not be a great idea for dry skin. The specifics of a dry skin toner should include no alcohol, mild, hydrated and labeled for use for dry skin. A recommended tip is to select toners with toner content containing cucumber, rose oil or chamomile. All these beauty ingredients boast of hydrating qualities.

Following this daily skin care routine can help solve most dry skin problems. Apart from this, ensuring comfortable humidity levels in your personal space and work space can further be of help.

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