How to curl hair with hot rollers

How to curl hair with hot rollers

Curly hair are considered attractive and sexy. Curling hair with hot rollers is quite easy and a preferred way of getting luscious curly tresses. Using hot rollers gives your hair some extra volume and it also looks pretty. If we use large rollers we will get loose curls, smaller rollers will give closer, tighter curls. These rolls are used by heating them in steam. It’s a pretty easier option for women who want to create the curls easily at home without visiting the parlor. Rollers can be used to flip the hair out, curl it up, or wave it into shape. Here are a few easy steps to curl your hair with hot rollers.

Difficulty level


Time required

1 hour

Resources required

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Large towel
  3. Mousse
  4. Wide-tooth comb
  5. Large butterfly clips
  6. Rat-tail comb
  7. Various sizes of hot rollers
  8. Metal pins or clamps
  9. Hairspray


1. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner that suits your hair type. Leave the conditioner on your hair for around 5 to 8 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and wash.

2. Set out your clips and plug in your rollers. Opt for a place in front of a mirror in a room that isn’t very hot and humid or else you can end up sweating and with bad curls.

3. With a towel dry your hair properly. Take some mousse on your hands and coat the strands of your hair. Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb.

4. Your hair should be dried properly before starting with the rollers.

5. Divide your hair into sections. Separate the sections using clips.

6. Heat the hot rollers set. Slowly release each of the butterfly clips from the sections and separate around 3- inch partings of hair with a rat-tail comb.

7. Each parting of hair is rolled up into one hot roller. Be careful while doing about the process as you may burn yourself.

8. Hold your hair in one hand and in the other hold a roller by its plastic edges and wrap the bottom of your hair around it.

9. Take one roller at a time and roll the hair around the rollers. You should do it slowly and check out how tight the roller is.

10. Use a metal pin or clamp or you can also use butterfly clips to hold the rollers. Allow the rollers to remain in your hair for 20 minutes. If you are using pins then use larger pins for your top hair length and smaller for the lower ones.Make sure that the hair is smooth and flat during the hair rolling process.

11. Once the rollers cool, begin removing them. Start with the bottom layer. Do not pull them. Once they are all removed, you can decide how much you want to brush your hair through. For very curly hair only a little bit of brushing is required.

12. Remove each roller and use your fingers to release the curls.

13. Apply a shine gloss and a hairspray to add shine and set curls.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question. Are hot rollers harmful?

Answer. No, they are not harmful but you need to be very careful while using hot rollers, or else they may burn your hair or skin.

Quick Tips

1. Always use a curling iron for touch-ups

2. Do your make up once all your rollers are in. Preferably do it in a cooler room or else you may sweat because of the heat generated from the rollers

3. In case you are not satisfied with the results, brush your hair immediately or add styling gel to it so that it stays that way

Things to watch out for

1. Blow dry your hair after shampooing

2. Your hair should be perfectly dry before putting on the rollers

3. Use a good hair spray to keep the curls for longer duration

4. Don’t brush your hair if you want to have tight curls

5. For ring like curls, roll the rollers vertically

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