‘Cool’ hairstyles to make you look smarter this summer

Hairstyles for summer (men)

Changing your hairstyle can make a big difference to your appearance and completely transform the way you look. Selecting a hairstyle for men is a bit tricky but let us explore all the possibilities that can suit summer well and can help you cool and stylish on other hand. Short hairstyles are appropriate for summer as they help you deal with the hot weather. They definitely look classy and give a neat, well groomed look.

1. High and Tight
High and Tight Hairstyle
This hair style is noticed on military personnel. In this style, the hair at the sides and back is kept extremely short and the rest is either clipped almost to the scalp or shaved with a razor. It is among the most perfect looks for the summer. The emphasis is on cheekbones and eyes. Actors like Jake Gyllenhaal have been spotted carrying this hair style.

2. A Short Crop
Short Crop Hairstyle

It is a hairstyle that involves layering and tapering of hair. This hair style can be called a pre-cut to a short length. It is appropriate for summer as it provides you with a presentable business look. You have to crop it once in fifteen days to keep it in shape.

3. Spiky Look
Brad Pitt in Spiky look for movie Fight Club

Remembere Brad Pitt’s hair style in the movie ‘Fight Club’? Yes, the spikes looked absolutely wonderful on him. This hairstyle is appropriate for those who are young at heart and ready to experiment with their look. This hairstyle gives a wild and adventurous look. By just keeping the length of the hair short you can look trendy and can deal with the summer.

Short hairstyles not only add touch to the personality but are very easy to maintain and care for. So, men now you can be as trendy as women and opt for summer look that suits you best.

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