Choosing the hair removal path that fits your best

With the plethora of hair removal options available these days, it can be difficult to know just what method will suit your specific needs. It all depends on what you want, and what skin and hair type you have.

You may have sensitive skin, or not much hair at all, and this can change your preferences in comparison to someone with coarser hair. However, whatever your preferences, there are a wide range of hair removal treatments available to you. We’ve narrowed down the list for you by compiling our top 5 hair removal treatments.

  1. Shaving


Shaving is the least permanent of the hair removal options on this list, but it isn’t to be discounted. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to remove hair, then shaving is for you. However, it doesn’t last particularly long, ranging from a couple of days to a week for most people. Also, as shaving cuts the hairs at an angle and makes them stand up, it can be spiky and painful when growing back, giving the hair a thicker appearance than before.

  1. Waxing

Beautician Waxing A Woman's Leg

Waxing is the common go-to hair removal treatment for most people. It’s a more expensive than shaving, but often produces far longer lasting results. Certain types of wax can irritate some skin types, so it’s best to test the wax on a small area of skin first before applying to a larger area. It also is more painful than shaving, so if you have a low pain threshold, maybe hold off on waxing for your more sensitive areas!

  1. Epilating

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Epilating is somewhere between tweezing and waxing. An epilator is a little machine that plucks out all your hairs, however it is slower than waxing. It pulls the hair from the roots, so is again a longer lasting treatment than shaving, however it can be a little painful too!

This can be a good option for people with sensitive skin, as you aren’t applying any topical creams or waxes on the skin. You can buy an epilator from most shaver shops and department stores for a reasonable price.

  1. Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream

A great option for larger, less sensitive areas, hair removal cream is cheap and easy to use. As with any topical treatment, it is a good idea to test the cream on a small patch of skin to make sure your skin doesn’t become irritated with use. It’s simply to use, cheap, and a method you can do in the comfort of your own home. Hair removal cream leaves you hairless for somewhere in between shaving and waxing, as you aren’t pulling the hair out by the roots.

  1. Laser hair removal

Laser epilation

Although generally the most expensive hair removal method in the short run, the long term benefits of laser hair removal are unmatched. Gaining in popularity, laser hair removal usually it requires around 3-5 treatments for the permanent reduction in hair. Results can vary based on hair and skin type, so it’s best to get a consultation at a laser hair clinic see if this is the right treatment for you.

So whatever your hair removal needs, make sure you choose the option that is right for you. Take heed of the facts in this list to ensure you have the smoothest skin you can!

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