The secrets to removing makeup stains with ease

Have you ever got make up stains on your clothing? The answer will be in the affirmative for sure. While pulling a shirt over your face or by accidently dropping makeup on clothes, you have witnessed the stains. Removing makeup stains can be a tricky job unless you know how to deal with different types of makeup stains. There are a few time tested ways to remove different make up stains. Know about them in the following lines.


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To remove oil-free foundation from clothes, carpets and bath mats, shaving cream is the best way out. Shaving cream removes the smears of foundation. A little quantity of alcohol can do the trick for you if shaving cream fails to deliver. After treating the fabric, wash it to get stain free clothes. In case of liquid foundation, treat the fabric with dish detergent and then wash it.


Red lips

Lipsticks are generally oil-based and the best way to remove their stains is to use an oil-based cleaner. Grease fighting liquid soap can also help. You should begin by blotting the stain with a clean tissue to scrape off excess stain. Then wash the garment with detergent on the warmest setting allowed. Repeat the washing, if required.


Make up

Mascara is dark colored. The longer you wait to treat the stain, the harder it will get to remove. Remove the mascara mark immediately or it will leave a faint mark. Remove excess mascara with a blunt knife and then put small amount of cold water on the fabric and dab the stain. Wash the fabric in a good detergent and leave it to dry.



Hairspray stain is easy to remove as compared to any other type. Since hairsprays contain alcohol, they can easily remove dyes from clothes, and include other than sticky ingredients that often work as dirt magnets.Consider treating the stains as soon as possible, failing which they may ask you to put in more efforts and time to do the job.

Deodorants and Perfumes

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Deodorant is not a makeup, but it gets on our clothing all the time. You can use nylon stockings or a dryer sheet to rub the deodorant mark and you will see the stains go in no time.

Time is the essence of stain removal. Faster you treat a stain, more quickly it vanishes away. A common mistake in stain removal is putting the fabric in dryer. Doing so will set the stain and make it even more difficult to remove. Following removal tips at the right time will serve the purpose.

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